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Instagram for Lead Gen or B2B: It Works, and Here’s How

Published: June 20, 2016

Author: Molly McCarty

Instagram is generally used more for branding than traditional direct response ads; it’s a natural fit for building awareness and emotional connection. As far as direct response, its visual nature makes it a much better fit for eCommerce than B2B or lead gen.
But with a huge audience and Facebook-like targeting, it’s too big an opportunity not to test. We set out to answer the question: Can this placement actually work for lead gen and B2B direct response?
We ran a test using the same audience on both Facebook’s mobile News Feed and Instagram and saw the below results.
While Instagram drove a 46% higher CPA, it also drove a 160% higher CVR, proving people do convert on this placement for non-branding ads. Our next steps to try to bring the CPA down closer to what it is on the Mobile News Feed were testing different creative and copy in order to bring CPC down and CTR up, which in turn would help decrease CPA.

Creative Testing

Because our product creative drove low CTR and high CPCs on Instagram, we tested a lifestyle-type creative. This proved to increase CTR 1,320% and decrease CPC 35%, which in turn decreased our CPA 19%. To further improve CTR and CPC, you should continue testing different lifestyle creatives, as this proves to outperform product creative on Instagram.

Instagram Best Practices

  • Creative should be engaging. We see lifestyle images work better on Instagram.
  • Creative should have a clear focal point. You don’t want a super-busy image.
  • Ad should have a clear call to action.
  • Ads should be relevant to your target audience.
  • Test the multiple creative ad units available such as video, carousel, single image, etc.

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