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Increase Email ROI with Facebook Ads & 15 Minutes

Published: December 23, 2013

Author: David George

Gmail-PillowYou can’t deny it. Email is still going to be around for awhile. It’s just one of those things that works, and nothing else has risen to take its place.

However, because email has been around for so long, way too many companies use it as their #1 spam channel, and people have gotten very good at ignoring pretty much all of it. This makes it really difficult to get your important message out to those whoneed to hear it.
Fortunately, Facebook ads can help us with this. The concept is based on repetition and top-of-mind awareness to pique interest and familiarity with your brand. Best part is, it’s really easy to do and will probably only take you 15 minutes.
If you want to stand out from the rest of the inbox, here’s how it works…
1. Segment your email list into two groups.
This allows you to run a split test and calculate the results. Aim to have about an 80/20 ratio for the split. 80% of your list will be the “test” group, and the other 20% will be your “control”. You’ll want to export the “test” group into a .CSV for later.
2. Upload the “test” segment into Facebook.
Using Facebook’s Power Editor, upload your “test” group of emails into a Custom Audience in Facebook’s Power Editor. Most of the emails should match, giving you a Facebook advertising audience representative of your customers.
3. Nurture on Facebook.
This is where the magic happens. Now it’s time to create some Facebook ads that are targeted to your custom audience. Run an ad to “Promote Page Posts” and make sure to check the box that keeps your ads up-to-date with your most recent posts. Your audience should be the “test” group that you uploaded earlier.
4. Send an email to each segment.
Next time you send an email, make sure to send the exact same message to the two different segments. This allows you to compare data from the report.
5. Calculate ROI.
Check out the performance in the test versus control segments. Any increase in engagement, revenue, etc. is known as “lift”. To calculate the ROI from your lift, simply take the incremental number of engagement and divide it by how much you spent on the ad.
For example, say your last email drove an additional $5,000 in sales than your average campaign. But, you spent $1,000 on the Facebook ads. $5,000/$1,000 = +500% ROI.
What sort of engagement would you want to increase through your email marketing? Go do this right now and let me know how much your engagement increases!

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