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Improved Reporting, Targeting, Ad Types Drive Facebook Growth

Published: April 23, 2015

Author: Molly McCarty

So we know that Facebook’s mobile (and video) revenue is exploding. But how are those ads performing for digital marketers?
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At 3Q Digital, we studied two representative accounts and compared numbers from Q1 2014 to Q1 2015. We observed huge gains in advertising efficiency — an increase of 103% in click-through rate and a drop of 37% in cost per acquisition — with a corresponding jump in client spend of nearly 200%.
Facebook’s progress in targeting, reporting, and advanced ad units — including fast-rising video ads — over the last 12 months have firmed up the company’s foundation for strong revenue growth as more and more advertisers realize impressive returns from Facebook advertising campaigns.
Below is a quick snapshot at what is available now that was not available 12 months ago:

Improved Targeting

  • and/or targeting logic (people who like this and this, as opposed to this or this)
  • better performance from fine-tuned Lookalike audiences

Better reporting to help drive more engaging ads:

  • There has also been an emphasis on the important of engagement on Facebook. CTR is ultimately what drives CPC, which has a huge impact on our final CPA. Just a few weeks ago, Facebook released relevance scores within the reporting interface, those scores allow us to see on a scale of 1-10 which creative is gaining the most positive engagement.
  • Video reporting has been significantly upgraded. We can now see the average length of video viewed, what percentage of people viewed the the whole (or parts) of the video, and we can create a custom audience of people who viewed the video to retarget later.

New ad units launched:

How is performance trending on your accounts?

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