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Improve Lead Quality by Enhancing Your Keyword Strategy

Published: June 5, 2019

Author: Alex Kent

Improving your lead quality on Google and Bing doesn’t require expanding your keyword portfolio by thousands of new keywords. A handful of common-sense strategies can help you improve your lead quality without massive time or financial investment. The following keyword strategies are focused on how users go about searching for your product or service.
It is safe to assume that you have the highest-value keywords for your industry. Taking what you already know to be high-value keywords and adding just a handful more can help narrow the focus of your targeting and bring in conversion-primed customers to the top of your keyword funnel.

Use these three keyword strategies to improve lead quality:

Include all of your industry-specific acronyms as keywords

Every industry or occupation includes keywords that would sound like a foreign language to outsiders (think military or IT support), but within your industry, people will search for the acronyms they know. Acronym-based searches are extremely valuable to lead-gen businesses as the user has already indicated they are qualified by their usage of industry-specific terms; no acronym is too narrow to include as a keyword.
Broad Match Modifier should also be used to ensure you are picking up all traffic for specific industry acronyms.

Target “knowledge-seeking” customers

People who interact with engines like Google and Bing often use conversational methods when entering search queries; queries include phrases like “Me” and “I.” There is value in ensuring that your keywords are highly targeted towards this traffic.
Your natural reaction might be, “Why would I target people who don’t know what my product is?” but these can also be high-value leads. Some business owners or decision-makers simply don’t know they need your product or service yet.
Include the following phrases followed by your highest-performing keywords (we will use fleet cards for this example):

  • “How to”
  • “What is”
  • “How do I”
  • “How to save on”
  • “Is there a way to”
  • “I need better”
  • “Save money on”

Use superlatives to target customers who are interested in the best possible product (after all, it is yours!)

Google and Bing ad copy do not allow most superlatives, but there is high value in including superlatives in your keyword portfolio. Include these superlatives + your industry or product:

  • “Best”
  • “Top rated”
  • “Most affordable”
  • “Best value”
  • “Most popular”
  • “Easiest to use”

Include ad copy that establishes the legitimacy of your product to drive home the point that you are at the top of your industry (within ad copy restrictions)
These recommendations should serve as a starting point. As always, regularly monitor your search query reports to determine what is and isn’t driving value for your company.

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