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Humans of 3Q: Meet Jaemin Kim

Published: October 11, 2019

Author: Phoebe Martell-Crawford

Our Humans of 3Q series continues this week with Jaemin Kim, Senior Account Manager out of our New York office! Get to know Jaemin below:

Explain your role at 3Q in 3 sentences or fewer:

Driving performance for my clients. Desperately trying to maintain friendships with my old San Francisco office buds.

What sets 3Q apart from other agencies in the industry?

This is my first agency, but I’m assuming the work-from-home policy and regular half-days for volunteering!

What’s one marketing lesson you wished you had learned earlier?

Never make assumptions nor get complacent. All clients are different, and while it may be helpful to rely on broad/general marketing knowledge, you should always be testing new approaches. Also, end all emails with “Best”; it’s the “best,” way to conclude business emails.

When coworkers from other offices come to visit, what’s one thing they absolutely have to do in your city?

Move here and be my friend because I have 0 friends.

What’s something that makes your office cooler than the other 3Q offices?

One time the Jonas Brothers were filming a Billy on the Street segment outside the office, but I guess that makes our office lamer than the other offices.

What’s been the coolest thing you’ve done with your unlimited PTO?

Definitely not a “cool thing” per se, but sometimes I’ll take a day or two off so I can go to stores, restaurants, etc., that are usually pretty crowded on weekends or post-work hours.

Have you participated in 3Q 3%? If so, what’s been your favorite experience?

My first one is still my favorite: SF-Marin Food Bank.

How do you spend your free time?

I like to tell people that I’m always hiking, reading, and watching TVs/movies, but that would only be 1/3 true.

If you were given an unlimited amount of money to invest into one upcoming or exciting marketing technology, what would it be?

Augmented Reality. If done (im)properly and at scale, I think it has wild (scary) implications – not just for advertising purposes but just general life.

What do you think has been the most interesting change in the marketing industry or in your channel this year?

Increased automation: It’s been a good challenge working to find new and strategic ways to provide value.

If you could choose any TV show or movie world to live in, what would it be?

The Good Place. I would love to lead a mediocre to bad life then wake up and do philosophically complex hijinx (hijinxes?) with Ted Danson.

What’s your favorite TED talk?

Hot take: TED talks are overrated, BUT I watch this concert recording DAILY (I account for half the views probably). Specifically 16:12 – 16:35.

What’s your favorite GIF?


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