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Humans of 3Q: Meet Ashley Luong

Published: November 15, 2019

Author: Phoebe Martell-Crawford

Our Humans of 3Q series continues this week with Ashley Luong, Mobile Account Manager, out of our San Diego office! Get to know Ashley below:

Explain your role at 3Q in 3 sentences or fewer:

As an account manager on the mobile team at 3Q, I focus on day-to-day media buying and overall strategy for my mobile app clients. I work with the rest of my account team to ensure that we are strategically working toward meeting our clients’ marketing goals and business objectives. Since the mobile app space is so niche and constantly evolving, I also spend time trying to keep up with industry trends.

What sets 3Q apart from other agencies in the industry?

The WFH policy and general flexibility we’re given. As someone who gets sick a lot, I appreciate that I don’t have to worry about pushing myself to go into the office and risk spreading my germs to others. I love that I’m never micromanaged, even if I’m not always in the office every Monday through Friday from 9 to 5.

What’s something that makes your office cooler than the other 3Q offices?

The view from our office! We have huge floor-to-ceiling windows throughout the space and a nice balcony overlooking Petco Park. The abundance of natural sunlight in the office and the exciting energy outside on game days make me feel happy and grateful to have the working space that we have.

When coworkers from other offices come to visit, what’s one thing they absolutely have to do in your city?

Eat carne asada fries, check out the brewery scene, and hike Torrey Pines!

What 3Q initiative outside of your job description are you most proud of being a part of?

I’m a proud 3Q3% member! It’s so fulfilling to work for a company that values giving back the way that 3Q does. SD’s 3Q3% has donated on multiple occasions to the San Diego Humane Society, which has a special place in my heart because both of my pets were adopted from there.

What’s been your favorite 3Q3% experience?

Last November, our office volunteered at the San Diego Food Bank, which was especially fun because we all had the chance to chat and bond as we were sorting through produce to be donated. This was followed by a happy hour and then an awesome axe-throwing event!

What’s one marketing lesson you wish you’d learned earlier?

I wish I had learned earlier that the devil’s in the details (shoutout to Paul for teaching me this idiom). When I was first starting out, I never questioned anything that was suggested to me. I automatically accepted everything that I was told and never bothered to dive deeper. Now, I’ve realized that an important part of being good at my job means challenging the suggestions that come my way and ensuring that I have a thorough understanding of all the details (e.g. How will this change be executed? What is the expected impact?). Being attentive to these details lessens the likelihood of an initiative blowing up in my face down the line.

Tell us about your morale associate (pet: if you have one).

I have a sweet kitty named Gibson (but we call him Gibbo) and a charming terrier mix named Harley, both of whom were rescued from the San Diego Humane Society. They are the best of friends, keeping each other company when my boyfriend and I are at work during the day. It’s definitely a lot of work to take care of them, but the unconditional love and emotional support that they both provide me make it so worth it.

What’s been the coolest thing you’ve done with your unlimited PTO?

I’m very passionate about traveling to new cities and experiencing other cultures, so 3Q’s unlimited PTO policy is for sure my favorite work benefit! This past February, I took two weeks off to explore Barcelona and Madrid with my boyfriend before we made our way to Lund, Sweden to visit our best friends who live there. Barcelona quickly became my new favorite European city, and reuniting with our friends at their home was the cherry on top to an amazing trip.

How do you spend your free time?

I love taking myself on solo coffee shop dates, watching apartment makeover videos, and going to live music events. On my lazy days, you’ll often find me snuggled up with my pets, watching Friends for the hundredth time on Netflix. 

If you could choose any TV show or movie world to live in, what would it be?

I’d love to live in the Friends world – it would be really nice to live in a rent-controlled apartment in NYC and have free time every day to just hang out with my buddies at our favorite coffee shop. I’m very attracted to the notion of having such a tight-knit group of friends like they do in the series because all of my closest friends are spread out around the country.

What is the last thing you read?

You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life, by Jen Sincero.

What do you think has been the most interesting change in the marketing industry or in your channel this year?

There has been a drastic shift in the industry toward increased privacy and protecting user data, which makes our jobs as digital marketers a bit more difficult. Limited Ad Tracking (LAT), for instance, is a feature that iPhone users can enable to keep their device IDs from being shared with advertisers. This makes the attribution process less precise and prevents advertisers from being able to target those users with specific ads.

Throughout your career, who have been some of your biggest muses, supporters, and role models? 

I’m incredibly blessed to have kicked off my career at 3Q because of the amazing support system I have here. My biggest role model is my manager, Sophia, along with the other members of the mobile team – they’ve all contributed so much to my growth! Additionally, I’m lucky enough to call many office-mates and teammates not only my co-workers, but also my friends. Shoutout to GirlzPodSquad and the Dream Team out in Austin for making every day at work a bright one.

What’s your favorite GIF?

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