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Humans of 3Q/DEPT: Meet Kelsey Brown

Published: August 20, 2022

Author: Phoebe Martell-Crawford

In July 2020, we got to meet then-Senior Account Manager, Kelsey Brown in her own Humans of 3Q feature. From the continuation of a global pandemic, to the deprecation of third-party cookies, all the way to the once blossoming romance between Kim K. and Pete Davidson, a lot has changed since we met Kelsey in the world, industry, and Kelsey’s own personal life.

We’re excited to say Kelsey is back! Though still based in Denver, she does come with a few new titles: Account Director, ‘Be Inclusive’ Core Value Award Winner, and Mom. Get to know Kelsey below:

Photo of Kelsey outside in winter with her child in a backpack

So Kelsey, in 2020 you were featured in our Humans of 3Q blog series, and we’re happy to have you back! When you last filled out our questionnaire we were in the midst of a pandemic, and while we are kind of still in a pandemic, a lot has changed.

Thank you! It’s good to be back. A lot has definitely changed since 2020.

In July 2020 you were a Senior Account Manager, tell us a little bit about the evolution of your role.

Sure! Since we last spoke, I’ve been fortunate to grow a lot with 3Q/DEPT and expand my knowledge across multiple clients. I have led Paid Social strategy for 3Q/DEPT Enterprise clients, and I led full-funnel paid media strategies for one of 3Q/DEPT’s ecommerce clients. Currently, I am an Account Director. I oversee paid media strategy for one of 3Q/DEPT’s Enterprise clients, with a heavy emphasis in Paid Social, Mobile Networks, and Apple Search. I have an amazing team of nine Paid Social and Mobile experts encompassing an Account Lead, Senior Account Managers, Account Managers, and Account Coordinators.

What opportunities at 3Q/DEPT do you enjoy taking advantage of most? (i.e. training, benefits, room to grow, etc.)

The room to grow here at 3Q/DEPT is huge for me. Since I joined the company (three years in July) I have always had clear paths and direction on how to continue to grow. I also love that the company takes your interests into consideration when helping determine your career path. For me, my digital love is Paid Social. 3Q/DEPT has always put that in the forefront when we collaborate on how I can grow further. I also love 3Q/DEPT’s fitness perk. I just had my first kid back in July, so getting out to be active can be difficult at times. With the fitness perk, I was able to purchase a treadmill and successfully complete a full marathon.

Kelsey Brown falling while snowboarding

In what ways (professionally or personally) have you been able to grow at 3Q/DEPT?

Professionally, I have been fortunate where my growth path continues to allow me to put my favorite paid media channel in the forefront. I continue to be even more specialized in it and leverage it to impact clients programs both in the short and long term. This has allowed me to find my current position where I’m blessed to lead a team of amazing media experts to expand this impact further.
Personally, 3Q/DEPT has taught me a lot about the importance of keeping my happiness and mental health in check. Being a full time Mom and employee can be tough at times. Sometimes, it requires me to walk away from the computer for an hour at a time. 3Q/DEPT has always supported me in working flex hours when needed, and has even encouraged me to take days off when I need them so I never have to feel stressed about not bringing 100% to our clients.

Congratulations on winning the ‘Be Inclusive’ value award winner for the month of January! What does this core value mean to you?

Thank you! Every single person here at 3Q/DEPT is unique. They have their own level of skills, ideas, and opinions that we should celebrate at every moment. I’m also a firm believer and advocate that no question or concern should be classified as ‘silly’ or ‘not relevant’. So, Being Inclusive to me is ensuring that everyone feels empowered to share their amazing ideas, thoughts, and concerns in every interaction they have. It’s also ensuring we are celebrating them for everything they bring to the table. At the end of the day, this is what makes us stronger as a team.

In July 2020 you said the first thing people visiting Denver should do is “rent a Lime scooter and hit up every brewery and food truck possible in RiNo.” What about winter 2022, what’s one thing you would suggest visitors do?

I definitely recommend taking a day trip up to the mountains and enjoying all of the winter sports. We have multiple ski/snowboard resorts that are an hour away from Denver (shoutout to Loveland Ski Area). If you aren’t into skiing, rent a pair of snowshoes and go for a hike. It’s quiet, peaceful, and one of my favorite ways to unwind. 

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