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Humans of 3Q: Dan Kern

Published: May 5, 2016

Author: Hillary Read

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Get to know Account Lead Dan Kern, an ex-Chicago office denizen working out of San Francisco.
If you had $10M to personally invest, which marketing platform or technology would you invest in, and why?
My $10M would go straight to an attribution platform like Convertro, 100%. Given the current marketing landscape, every brand has the same million-dollar question: “What is the true value of each dollar spent in each of our marketing campaigns, and how can I measure this to properly allocate our budget and resources?” Convertro is on the cutting edge of answering that question for advertisers.
What one quality do you think is most important in successful digital marketers today?
Relentless curiosity. It feels like there’s a new media vendor, technology platform, ad format, or campaign management philosophy hitting the market every day. A burning curiosity to understand the ever-morphing industry and stay current with trends, announcements, and growth opportunities is imperative to the success of a digital marketer and the brand(s) they represent.
Care to share your favorite spot to work from home?
Dan Kern_Photo 3
My back patio on especially beautiful California days – with a 12-pack of La Croix, of course (I’m a full-blown addict).
What does 3Q’s culture mean to you?
It’s constructively competitive. I love it. The culture is fueled by extremely capable and endlessly driven 20- and 30-somethings, out to prove that they have what it takes to be an elite digital marketer. At the same time, collaboration is king between tracks and client teams because we’re united by the common goal of making 3Q the most kick a** marketing agency around….and that can only be achieved through effective teamwork. This culture speaks to the fact that people are rewarded with promotions and new opportunities when they’ve been earned, not when the person above you is promoted, or after a set period of time. There are no personal drawbacks to your peers succeeding at 3Q.
What is your motivation to come into work every day?
My team. I lead an amazing group of talented individuals who surprise me with their personal growth and developing expertise on a daily basis. I take pride in fostering their passion for work they do, the agency, and the digital marketing industry.
What has been your favorite perk item/activity?
Bubble soccer. For many, having the green light to blindside their boss without consequences is a recurring Mon.-Fri. daydream…. Luckily I really like my manager, Bob Sturges, but that didn’t make it any less sweet to put him on his back once or twice. 😉
What trips have you gone on/do you plan to go on with your unlimited PTO?
I’m heading up to Denali to backpack during the Summer Solstice this summer. Then Burning Man two months later. The unlimited PTO never loses its appeal.
What’s your favorite thing on your desk?
Dan Kern_Photo 2
That’d have to be the first-place trophy that I won during our office outing to K1 Speed last fall. It didn’t come without sacrifice…I was covered in bruises for weeks afterwards. People don’t like losing at 3Q…
What is your favorite thing to do outside of work? 
If it’s outdoors, I dig it. Favorite activities include skiing, camping, golfing, biking, and rollerblading.

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