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Humans of 3Q: Becca Soderholm

Published: May 12, 2016

Author: Hillary Read

Becca Soderholm
Take some time to get to know Becca Soderholm, Social Account Manager from 3Q Digital.
What’s the first metric you check when you start the day?
– I first check CPA and then go from there.
What’s one metric you rarely bother to check?
– CPM.
What is your favorite advertising campaign?
– I think I may be the biggest fan of the new iPhone commercial where the cookie monster is baking cookies… gets me every single time!
What is your favorite thing to brag about at 3Q?
– All the benefits we have like work from home, unlimited PTO, perks, and just the fun atmosphere in general.
Which of 3Q’s core values is most important to you, and why?
– I think acting for the greater good is the most important 3Q core value. As a company, it is more beneficial to help out the team than look out for yourself. It is what really moves 3Q forward and pushes people to be mentors and grow.
If you had to switch offices, which office would you pick and why?
– San Diego. One word: Weather.
What has been your favorite perk item/activity?
– We did an event at a local brewery that was a ton of fun. I improved my bags skills and got to try new beer, which is always awesome!
What trips have you gone on/do you plan to go on with your unlimited PTO?
– I am going to Italy for 2 weeks this summer, and I am BEYOND excited! Once again unlimited PTO is awesome!
Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses, or one horse sized duck?
– Definitely the 100 duck sized horses…could you imagine the size of the beak on that giant duck?
Hot dogs or hamburgers?
– I’m from Wisconsin, so cheeseburgers for sure!
What’s your favorite thing on your desk?
– My computer, because it has Spotify.
What is your favorite thing to do outside of work?
– I don’t think I could pick one. Traveling, trying out new things in Chicago, and watching football. Go Pack Go!

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