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How to synergize audience insights from your Facebook and Bing Ads campaigns

Published: April 30, 2015

Author: Ping Jen

When a company pursues the same audience, whether through social media or a search engine, chances are there’s a different manager in each channel. If this is the case, the company may miss the opportunity to synergize the audience insights from both channels to achieve greater success across the board.
To illustrate, I teamed up with Dayna Moon, former Sr. Director of Social Media at 3Q Digital, to compare audience insights from Facebook and Bing Ads, and how to aggregate them for more impact.

Bing Ads’ keyword-centric insights are tighter and more dynamic; Facebook’s audience-centric insights are broader based upon a shorter timeframe.  Combine them to get a comprehensive view of your customers and your competitors:

Bing Ads Campaign Planner provides seasonal trends (daily/weekly/monthly/yearly) for products you are selling in search activities/location/device view, helps you find out who else are competing with you for the same audience, and enable you to benchmark your campaign performance against its vertical average.


Facebook Audience Insights are based upon Facebook members’ activities on your Facebook page in the past four weeks or on your website tracked by your Facebook custom audience tag.

1.       For the group engaging with your Facebook page: Facebook Page Insights help you assess when your potential customers are online, their gender distribution, age range, prevalent locations and languages.


2.       For the group engaging with your website: Facebook Custom Audience Insights provide a rich set of insights, from your potential customers’ demographics to their purchasing preferences.  


Combining those insights from Bing and Facebook, you get a more actionable view of your customers: not just who your potential customers are but which are more likely to purchase your products in certain seasons, how to pursue those prospects, which companies you’re competing with, etc.

Bing Ads’ auction insights help you assess how aggressive your competitors are via comparing ad showing rate, ad overlapping rate, and ads position .  Add your top competitors to Facebook’s Insights Page Watch Report to monitor their content marketing activities, since SEM/SEO campaigns need quality content to sustain success.

Bing Ads provide a rich set of optimization tools to help you set up campaigns and improve their performance (overview Part I and Part II).  After campaigns are up and running, you should check Auction Insights  periodically to verify whether there are unusual suspects (aka “those you don’t know you don’t know) chasing the same audience.


Facebook has a similar offer, called Page to Watch, to help you benchmark your content marketing efforts on Facebook against 5 other Facebook accounts. You should reference the Auction Insights report to decide which Facebook pages to monitor as most companies work on both channels concurrently; meanwhile, a successful content marketing on social media channel would influence customers’ purchase behaviors (Forbes study:78% of consumers say that the posts made by companies on social media influence their purchases) and subsequently impact paid search campaigns.


Time to reach out to your campaign partner in another channel, probably just 10 steps from you, to aggregate audience intelligence from search and social channels to improve your marketing efforts.

Happy advertising!

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