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How to Make Creatives that Sparkle for the Season

Published: October 26, 2012

Author: Audrey Cueto

With the holiday season just around the corner, you want to be sure you’re ready for the possibility of increased traffic and conversions. Here are some tips for helping your creatives succeed through the hustle and bustle of the holiday advertising season.
Give your Facebook Page a holiday makeover.
Take your Facebook holiday campaign one step further by giving your Facebook page a holiday makeover. Sharing holiday pictures, updates, tips, promotions, and more will help show your audience you’re in the holiday spirit and, most importantly, incite holiday purchases. Point some of your ads back to your decked-out Facebook page for higher conversions!
Use picture-perfect images.
Your Facebook holiday ads should feature large, vivid images that incite holiday purchases. One of the first things Facebook users usually see on any Facebook ad is the image. These images need to grab attention, get users in the spirit, and get them to convert. Take advantage of that by using images that are not only relevant to your ads, but also evoke holiday spirit.
fb christmas ad
Deck the halls with good ad copy!
Facebook is all about engagement, and what better way to engage than through incentives?  Shopping for gifts can get pretty expensive. Entice your holiday shoppers by offering a special deal that will help them save money. Emphasize these offers with a holiday twist. An ad that incorporates the holiday season in the text will call more attention to holiday shoppers than an ad that doesn’t address seasonality:

macy's christmas ad
Holiday colors, indeed.

sephora facebook ad
No urgency here…you could buy this stuff in March.

Holiday shoppers will be scrambling to find gifts for friends, family, co-workers, and bosses. Take advantage of what you know and include it in your ad copy:
holiday ad copy
You want users to feel valued, and offering them something relevant to their needs will help get that message across. Make sure you know your target audience well and what appeals to them.
Don’t forget to keep your ad text clear and concise. Your calls to action should catch users’ attention almost immediately – a little goes a long way. Pictures are worth 1,000 words, but your ad text is worth the amount of thought you into it. Always be sure your ad text is relevant to your image, your call to action, and your overall message.
A/B test, A/B test, A/B all the way!
Never settle on one ad design, especially during the holidays! Run different variations of your holiday creatives to determine which ads are most effective and drive the most conversions – is it the ad that points to your newly decorated Facebook page or the ad that points to your website? A/B testing is the perfect opportunity to try something fun and new with your holiday ads.
Incorporate holiday puns into the text, change up the image – be creative! Creating multiple versions of your ad will help you figure out the perfect formula for the best ad. Don’t forget to rotate your ads to keep them fresh! People tend to get tired of seeing the same ad over and over again.
Having trouble creating your holiday ads? Inspiration is only a click away! Think about holiday ads you’ve seen on your personal Facebook page from fellow advertisers. Anything in particular that grabbed your attention? What would get you to click on an ad? Use what you know and apply it to your own creatives.
There you have it – 4 tips on how to appeal to holiday shoppers. What are some tips and strategies that have worked for you? Let us know!
– Audrey Cueto

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