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How to Engage Influencers to Improve Email Marketing

Published: April 5, 2018

Author: Olivia Ryan

Influencers are changing the way we approach modern marketing. It’s not about aggressive commercials any longer; it’s about building social proof through people the target audience loves to follow. These influencers have a massive following on all social media, so brands can use their potential to get closer to that target audience.

Email marketing, on the other hand, remains a strong promotional tool in any marketer’s strategy. However, it’s time to move away from the traditional content delivery via email. Marketers used to hire services like aussiewritings.com to develop engaging content. That still works, but it’s time to take things further. When we combine that tool with influencer marketing, we get a new approach that can really boost the effectiveness of the overall strategy. In other words, we should get influencers to develop content for our email marketing campaign.
In this post, we’ll provide important tips on how to engage influencers to improve your email marketing efforts.

  1. Ask Influencers to Create Genuine Content for Your Brand

This strategy will work just as your usual influencer marketing plan: you get in touch with influencers and you provide a package of products or services for them to try. Needless to say, you’ll arrange any additional payments and all terms with a contract before the collaboration starts.
The influencers will still have creative control over the content they provide. That’s the whole point of this type of marketing; their honesty and creativity make it look genuine for the audience. Their followers get the impression that they are not being subjected to aggressive marketing that someone is getting paid for. The influencers are simply providing recommendations of something they like. That will still be the case when you get influencers to provide content for your email marketing campaign.
The influencers will provide you with genuine content, and you’ll get their approval to distribute it to your email subscribers.

  1. Include Cool Images

People don’t like textual content with no visual appeal. You have to make the email newsletters attractive, so you’ll engage the subscribers and turn them into paying customers. You should definitely include high-quality, relatable imagery.
You can ask the influencers to provide the images themselves, in accordance with the contract they sign. These can be photos showing how they included the product in their lifestyle. With this approach, their message will be even more genuine.

  1. Focus on Cultivating Enthusiasm around Your Brand

Simply throwing influencers into your marketing campaign won’t be enough. You have to make them part of a holistic strategy that’s focused on developing a long-term reputation for your brand. This strategy should have a single foundation: cultivating positive reputation for your brand and developing an entire community around it.
Include personalized gifts in your campaign. The prize may even include meeting the influencer in person. Think of a unique way to communicate the history, message, and value of your brand with the help of the right influencers. Every step has to be part of a larger plan.

  1. Let the Influencers Promote this Campaign Via Social Media

Where’s the audience of these influencers? On social media, of course! That’s the tool they use to raise awareness. If they don’t share the news that they are part of your email marketing campaign, how will people know about it?
Ask the influencer to share the news through all profiles they have. They can invite their followers to subscribe to your emails, so they can read more content provided by them. This is a much better call to action than any message you add to your website.

  1. Keep It Up

Consistency is the key to success for any kind of marketing. In influencer email marketing in particular, it’s a crucial element. People won’t subscribe just because they want to get a single email written by their favorite influencers. If you promise and deliver a series of messages over a precise time frame, you’ll boost your chances to make this campaign popular.
You must send scheduled emails, so your audience will know when to expect them. Arrange these terms with the influencer, so they will keep providing the content on time.
Influencers can help you spread a positive story about your brand. It will be real, genuine, and believable for the audience! Influencer email marketing is a great way to build brand loyalty on the long term.

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