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How to Be an Effective Blog Curator

Published: May 8, 2015

Author: 3Q/DEPT

Running a successful corporate blog isn’t just about writing all the time. Not only would it be time consuming, you may not have the technical expertise to talk about all the relevant intricacies of your industry. I don’t know much about GSPs short of what the acronym stands for, but I know that digital marketers are going to want to know about it. That’s why it’s hugely important to build a rapport with your coworkers and others in your industry.

How to suggest a topic

One difficult question a blog curator will have to answer from his/her colleagues is, inevitably, “What do I write about?” Yeah, you know some of the industry trends, but you’re not on the bleeding edge like the people you have writing for you. You’re not solving the same problems or implementing new processes in the same space as your writers. The best way to get through the “What do I write about?” question is with a question of your own: “What have you been working on lately?” Usually there will be something your colleagues doing on a daily basis that they don’t even know is blog-worthy. It’s also critical to keep up with industry news and to know who to go to for insights in-house as topics break.

Prepare to hustle

For every one blog I post to the 3Q site (one for every day of the work week), I may get turned down or ignored by 5 other people I asked for a post. Be prepared to send out email blasts and have people tell you they’ll have something done next week – and prepare for their primary work to get in the way of that (it happens, and their clients always have to come first). Just never expect to be able to take a break.

But don’t be a jerk

They don’t hate you, it’s just that they get paid to do something else instead of blogging. Appreciate the people who give you posts regularly, and appreciate the people who get theirs in finally after a month of reminders. They both put in the same amount of effort into their posts and both took time off their busy schedules just to help you out.

Learn to work with what you get

Furthermore, sometimes people aren’t great writers. That’s ok. They’re not paid to be writers, they’re paid to do their job effectively, and they’re great at that. They don’t need to be Hemingway to help you with your blog. Have them outline a process they’re working on, or a newsworthy release, and turn it into complete sentences yourself!

Appreciate the efforts of others

Above all, say thank you. Chances are you couldn’t promote and produce the volume of content that you do without the help of your coworkers. Appreciate them, and be sure to acknowledge and reward their efforts whenever you can.

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