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How to Attract – and Detract – with Good Ad Copy

Published: November 2, 2012

Author: Molly Shotwell

Today’s post is by Andrew Lolk, CMO at WhiteSharkMedia.com, which specializes in paid search management for small and mid-sized businesses. Get more insights from Andrew on @AndrewLolk or through whitesharkmedia.com/blog.
attract and detract with ad copyWriting great AdWords ads depends on several different factors. In this post, I will not attempt to give you a bunch of quick fixes, but instead try to help you build the proper creative mindset.
This will hopefully help you think differently about the way you write your AdWords ads in the future.
Your ads basically have one of two purposes: 1) to entice searchers to click on your ad by promising them something in return; 2) to detract searchers who won’t find what they’re looking for on your website (we’ll go more in-depth about this in a bit).
Just like it costs money to buy something, it costs the searcher time to click on your ad. The searcher wants to make sure that the time spent clicking on your ad is worth it when he sees your website; good ad copy can create that reassurance – and attract clicks.
The Primary Purpose of Your AdWords Ads is to Attract Users
Here are a few tips on how to do just that.
Promise to Provide What the Searcher is Looking For
One of the main unspoken promises you need to fulfill is to assure the user that he can find the solution to his search on your website.
If the searcher is looking for cheap Nikon cameras, then you should mention this in your ad.
Example: Search Terms à cheap nikon cameras
Best Nikon Cameras for Sale
Biggest Selection of Nikon Cameras.
Buy Today – Delivered Tomorrow!
Cheap Nikon Cameras
Big Selection of Cheap Nikon Cameras.
Browse for Functionality and Price.
Which ad would you click on if you searched for cheap Nikon cameras? I would even go as far as to try and include the price range of my Nikon cameras within the ad, but I’ll go more in-depth about pricing later.
The key concept to remember is that the searcher is basically asking you something, and you need to come up with the best answer possible!
Focus on the Immediate Action You Want the Searcher to Take
While writing your ads, it’s important to remember that you want the searcher to take action when he reaches your site. This is especially true for lower-end ecommerce-based sites that haven’t made big enhancements to their websites.
You need to prepare the searcher for the next step when he reaches your website. Remind him/her of the next action, but even more importantly, tell him/her indirectly what to do on your website.
Buy your Nikon Camera Here will not only serve as a call to action, but it will also tell the searcher that this is a place to buy a camera.
In Outlining Promises, Remember to Detract the Wrong Searchers
A lot of advertisers get so focused on writing the best ads possible, trying to increase their CTR, that they sometimes forget the end goal:
Attract the right searchers.
It doesn’t matter if you have a 10% CTR for your AdWords ads if, at the end of the day, they’re not translating into sales! By making sure that you’re both attracting and detracting searchers appropriately, you’ll prevent a ton of wasted spend at no cost to conversion numbers.
Here’s how to do it:
Include Requirements for Searchers
If you start requiring the searcher to meet certain criteria, you detract the searchers that would never convert in the first place, and you might seem more attractive to the right users.
A good example is that of a health insurance company. They’re promoting their new car insurance policies for young adults with perfect driving records (i.e. no accidents).
By writing an ad like this, you will sound more appealing to the right audience:
Car Insurance for Perfect Drivers
The discount car insurance for drivers
under 25 with perfect track records.
Not like this:
Car Insurance for Perfect Drivers
See if you’re eligible for a discount.
Apply today and save on your insurance now.
By detracting all searchers over 25 years of age and/or with many accidents, you automatically seem more appealing to the searchers who match your specific requirements. You also make sure to eliminate unqualified clicks.
Include Price Ranges as Early as Possible
Even though it can be a dangerous path, showing your price ranges as early as in your ads will in most cases increase your conversion rate.
This is based on the fact that many searchers already have a price set in their minds. Unless you have a very good website that can successfully entice the visitor to spend more than they want, separating the searchers in the search results page is often the way to go.
Test out different variations of including prices:

  • Nikon Cameras starting from $499
  • Nikon Cameras: $499 to $999
  • Buy a Nikon Camera – Only $599.

Depending on your product, the selection, and the price range, any of the versions above might be the most successful.
When you successfully detract the wrong searchers, you attract more correct searchers. Most ads don’t exceed 10-15% click-through-rate. Why not just focus on the 10-15% of the searchers out there most interested in your product?
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