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How-To: Apply Location Groups in Bulk in the AdWords UI

Published: January 19, 2016

Author: Charlotte Haab

I think all marketers can agree: targeting is critical. When it comes to targeting in the digital space, there are a lot of options to consider. (One of my personal favorites is the often-overlooked Household Income targeting option in Google.)
HHI targeting is just one of the location group options available under advanced location settings in AdWords. When adjusting or adding targeting across multiple campaigns, location groups can get cumbersome. You can’t adjust them in Editor, and the specificity of your locations or demographics make using bulk sheets a real chore. But don’t worry! There is a way to quickly implement location groups in bulk right in the AdWords UI.
Unfortunately, I figured this out after manually adding HHI targeting across an entire account of individual campaigns. Hopefully this post can save you a similar headache.
Location groups offer a lot of flexibility. They can be found under advanced search when editing locations:
From there, you can use location groups to target different places of interest, e.g. airports, commercial centers, and universities. You can also target different income brackets (under demographics), in addition to radial targeting for any locations in your Google My Business feed.
These options are not something you can easily implement in Editor; knowing how to do it in bulk in the UI can be a real time-saver. The following steps will illustrate how to apply location group targeting across multiple campaigns in an account.
1. Under All Campaigns in AdWords, find your way to the Settings tab and select All Settings.
2. Select the campaigns you would like to add targeting for.
3. Select the Edit dropdown menu.
4. From the Edit dropdown, select Locations.
5. Select Advanced Search.
6. Within the advanced search options, add the Location groups that you need and press Done.
7. From here you can either preview or implement your changes by clicking Preview changes, or Make changes.
And there you have it! All of my location groups are applied in one fell swoop. This method will also work with any other targeting method available under the edit drop-down, but I’ve found it to be most handy for the location groups, or any settings that are not available in AdWords Editor.
Hopefully this was helpful, and will save all you digital marketers tons of time in the future!

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