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Hit an ad copy wall? Try these tips

Published: April 11, 2014

Author: Megan Gritzke

I have a love/hate relationship with writing new ad copy. I love when I’m able to think of a couple of great ideas that really represent the brand and what they’re trying to sell. I hate feeling that I’ve written so many ad copy ideas in the past that all of my ideas and creativity have dried up. So, in order to prevent the onslaught of panic and the internal whining, I try and keep the below tips in mind.

Look at your client’s website

Depending on the amount of content on your client’s website, there can be several taglines you can choose from for ad copy. You can look at the main landing page, or if the campaign is using a more specific one, you can look there for inspiration as well. Looking at the sitemap or browsing all of the different pages helps me get a better sense of what message the client is trying to send. I’ve had clients with a lot of great content on their site that I have been able to incorporate into ad copy. This is a best-case scenario. Not only is the copy already written for you, but you know the client already likes it and it keeps the brand messaging consistent. What more could you want?!

Look at competitor ad copy

If I’m really struggling with new ad copy ideas, I search competitors to see what kind of messaging they are using. Now, of course I would never want to use the competitor’s exact same copy. It’s important to differentiate yourself from the competitor, and this isn’t the time to be lazy or uncreative. The main thing I am trying to see by looking at competitor ad copy is what kind of messaging they are using. What’s the angle? What aspects of the product/service are they focusing on? Sometimes seeing another example of copy is enough to get the creative juices flowing. I’m not trying to re-invent the wheel, just improve it.

Still struggling? Go back to basics

Unfortunately, it’s not always the case that the client’s landing page has a lot of content that you are able to use for ad copy. And sometimes your competitors are already using the exact same copy as you. In this case, I try and take a step back, and while I look at the landing page I think about the purpose of the page. Are they selling a product, or are they trying to help you search for a service? Sometimes it helps me to think of ad copy ideas by thinking of the product/service in the most basic terms. This is also important because there will be people unfamiliar with the brand seeing the ads, and it’s important that they understand what the company is about in less than 95 characters.  I try and drill everything down to the simplest of terms, like I was explaining the company to someone who had never heard of it before.
We all know how crucial ad tests are and how important it is to create good ad copy. If only the process of creating good ad copy was so simple. Hopefully the above tips help when writer’s block sets in. Those are just a few ideas of many. If you have any go to tips that help you, please share below!

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