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Hello, I'm Todd Mintz

Published: September 29, 2011

Author: Todd Mintz

SCENE I. Elsinore. A platform before the castle.
FRANCISCO at his post. Enter to him BERNARDO
BERNARDO: Who’s there?
the opening of Shakespeare’s Hamlet
Please allow me to introduce myself: My name is Todd Mintz, and I’m a Senior Account Manager at PPC Associates. I’ve been in the Internet Marketing space since the year 2000, and many people know of me from the writing I’ve done at Search Engine Journal, Search Engine People, or the SEMpdx blog. I’m also one of the editors at Sphinn and am quite visible on Twitter and Google Plus.
Since we’re aggressively launching our new blog here at PPC Associates, there might be an expectation that my first post will be something dynamic and insightful. However, there is plenty of time in the future for me to do that. I suspect many of the people reading this don’t know me and haven’t read some of the stuff I’ve put out over the last bunch of years. So, stop what you’re doing and go click on some of the links in the first paragraph. It’s OK…I can wait.
If you actually followed my instructions and did some clicking, you probably deciphered that I tend to write on very diverse topics and with a very “stream-of-consciousness” style. Most blogging experts recommend creating and sticking to an editorial calendar in order to guarantee a consistent quality output. By contrast, I tend to write about the first relevant thing that comes into my head (and FYI I’ve written about my creative process before). Click thru to this link and read the final paragraph…that’d the best possible way for to describe how I blog and how I will blog for you in the future.
In a circular way, I’m letting you know that my first PPC Associates blog post won’t contain any actionable bits of information but is instead just a blatant attempt to push a few links towards a bunch of other websites in order to help them get better Google Rankings. Also…yes, I do want to introduce myself to those who don’t know me so that when you see a serious informational post from me in the future, you’ll actually flash back to this tongue-in-cheek post and know that there is plenty of silliness to balance off the seriousness.
By the way, I am supposed to talk about social media in my weekly column at least some of the time. Clearly, I haven’t done so in this first post (though I did drop a couple links to my main social media account…and BTW, feel free to connect with me on Facebook). However, here’s one of my favorite social media posts that I’ve written for you to check out…and it’s a definite contrast to the frivolity that you’ve just read. 🙂
Todd Mintz, Senior Account Manager, PPC Associates
– Questions? Email bloggers at ppcassociates dot com

1 S Wacker Drive
Suite 2250

Chicago, IL 60606(650) 539-4124


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