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How To Optimize Non-Holiday Accounts in Q4

Published: October 28, 2013

Author: Ian Lopuch

The holidays are almost upon us! It’s an exciting time of the year, but also an incredibly busy time of the year, especially for those marketers in industries affected by holiday seasonality. If you’re selling products online, it’s all hands on deck right now!
But how about those accounts not affected by the holidays? How do you manage those during this busy time? Today, I wanted to share a few tips for managing non-holiday accounts during the holidays.

Tip 1: Consider Seasonal Ad Copy

Even if your business is not affected by the holidays, everyone appreciates a clever ad. Stand out this year by taking a holiday spin on your non-holiday account. You will participate in the holiday cheer and potentially drive more sales by taking a seasonally-inspired marketing approach.
Bonus tip: Tie the holiday theme into your landing page strategy as well.

Tip 2: Set Clear CPA Expectations and Expect Competition

Even though you’re not participating in a holiday-centric category, you may experience increased competition and higher CPAs, especially in your display and retargeting campaigns. There is only so much display inventory. Overall CPMs escalate during the busy holiday shopping period. Bake these assumptions into your financial modeling, even if you are not in a category affected directly by the holidays.

Tip 3: Take a 24/7 Approach For Your Non-Holiday Accounts

We all work so hard in the digital marketing career path. That’s why I’m a huge advocate of spending time with friends and family during the holidays. Consider taking some time off, if only a few days. That said, always have a 24/7 team approach for holiday account management (both holiday accounts and non-holiday accounts). Someone should always be watching! Set a schedule for your team so somebody is always “on call”. This way, everyone can enjoy their time off, without worry about things going wrong. This approach is just as important for non-holiday accounts as it is for holiday accounts.

Tip 4: Work Extra Hard To Prepare For a Busy Q1

If your account is not a holiday-centric one, you’re likely in the Financial Services industry or another that will experience seasonality in Q1. Q4 is a super time to work hard, just as if you had a holiday-centric account. Get everything prepared for a busy and exciting Q1!
Bonus tip: Non-seasonal accounts should take advantage of the slower pace in Q4 and focus on 2014 planning.

Tip 5: Take Advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday

It’s always so much fun seeing the incredibly clever offers on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. So many businesses create special offers, even those that may seemingly have nothing to do with the holiday shopping cycle. A great example is HostGator. They always have amazing holiday offers, even though they are not thought of as a traditional holiday retailer. This tip really ties into the first one. Even if you’re not in a typical holiday-centric industry, find ways to get involved. Find ways to deliver special offers. Especially take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday with thoughtful offers, ad copy, and landing pages.

Tip 6: Find Peace And Quiet, and Focus On Execution

The holidays are often a quiet time of the year around the office. Co-workers are on vacation. There are fewer meetings. It’s a great time to focus and get some serious work completed. Take this opportunity to execute. If you’re in a non-holiday industry, the office will likely be very quiet. Take advantage of that situation to get a head start on the upcoming year.

Tip 7: Take Your Important Partnerships Seriously and Send Gifts

The holidays are a great time of the year to say thank you. It’s all about the people. Take some time to send out cards to your top partners and search engines. Even better: Send some small gifts. It’s the thought that counts. Whether you’re in a holiday category or a non-holiday category, make sure to spread some cheer!
There’s a theme here… Even if you’re in a non-holiday industry, take the holidays head-on. It’s an amazing time of the year to supercharge your digital marketing efforts. You just have to be a little extra clever! Happy holidays, everyone!

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