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Growth Insights: How to Tackle Creative on Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube

Published: June 25, 2020

Author: Lauren Dawson

In our final post of our Growth Insights series on platform-specific creative (we’ve already covered Facebook and Instagram creative), we’ll dive into best practices for a trio of powerful creative platforms: Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube.


Pinterest is an under-utilized, highly coveted advertising platform for all brands, especially those in the retail, health & wellness, and food & drink spaces. One thing that makes Pinterest so special is that users behave in a uniquely discoverable way. They are looking for ideas, inspiration, and ways to improve their lives, homes, health, etc.
With this in mind, it’s important to remember that the same type of thumb-stopping content you are developing for Facebook and Instagram isn’t going to fly on Pinterest. You must create content that is informational, easy to consume, and will have your audience eager to read more. This example from Hungryroot, a food delivery service offering inspiration to Pinners on how to eat easier, fresher, and tastier, embodies best practices for Pinterest:

Notice that there’s no CTA button on this ad? This was deliberate, because on Pinterest, you want your audience to feel like the Advertised Pin is a part of their Pinterest experience. Making your Advertised Pin informative will help make your brand more discoverable and digestible rather than sticking out on the Pinterest feed as an obvious ad.


LinkedIn is such a unique platform because users are staying on the platform longer and are ready to take time to consume content, compared to the likes of platforms like Facebook and Instagram where users are scrolling through their feeds at record-breaking speeds. One interesting insight we’ve seen on LinkedIn is that longer videos actually tend to outperform shorter videos because of the platform’s discovery behaviors.
For example, we developed a clean creative video test for 3Q client , Vistage, in which we tested a 15-second video against a 30-second video (the videos were the same footage, just different lengths). Sure enough, the longer video received almost a 70% lower CPA and 110% higher CVR compared to the shorter video, showing that LinkedIn audiences are more likely to engage with longer content on LinkedIn compared to other platforms.


On YouTube, timing is everything. You only have 6 seconds to capture the attention of your audience before they can skip through the ad (if it’s skippable) to the video they were intending on watching. Videos for YouTube can use this to their advantage by ensuring that the key points of the video ad are relayed to the audience within the first 6 seconds. As long as your key points get across quickly, you can actually benefit from quick and effective video ads by letting the audience know you value their time.
There are also unskippable ads on YouTube, which operate much like TV commercials, but it’s no secret that audiences aren’t fans of these unskippable ads. Geico’s “2015 Ad of the Year” took a humorous approach at this, poking fun at the format by providing the main message within the first 6 seconds, then following with a hilarious freeze frame the audience was forced to sit through.

Ready to take a channel-first approach to your creative development? Share this with all Creative Directors, Performance Designers, Media teams, and Marketing Managers to ensure they have a better understanding on how to develop performance creative for each channel. I promise, the investment will pay off in the end with better efficiency and more engaged audiences.

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