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Getting Started with Experimentation: What You Need to Know

Published: June 22, 2017

Author: Jeremy Epperson

On Thursday, I was invited to lead “Getting Started with Experimentation”, a webinar hosted with Optimizely that drove over 500 registrants. The purpose was to investigate the factors that differentiate exponential growth companies from those that are seeing stagnant or declining growth.
We focused on a proven framework that these exponential growth leaders are using to take their optimization programs to the next level. The framework allows you to help build a solid foundation – whether you’re starting from scratch or you’re already an experienced optimizer and want to achieve higher ROI from your efforts.
At each step in the webinar, we provided actionable insights that can be applied right away:

Here’s a short summary of what we covered:

Experimentation Is Important

Right now, all companies are dealing with increased costs for acquiring customers due to increased competition and more entrants into the market. Optimization focuses on how we can create more media efficiency and produce more wins with the traffic that we already have.

The 6 Foundational Principles of Optimization and Growth

There are 6 different principles that exponential growth companies are excelling at, and if put in place, these principles will help you get way better ROI on your optimization program. We walked through each individually in the webinar.

Getting Started in Your First 90 Days

Next, we looked at how you actually get started and what actions to take. We discussed how to create a growth plan so that you can establish business alignment, develop a roadmap, get your stakeholders aligned, and gain executive buy-in.

Tips to Scale

Once you have a process in place, what can you do to get to the next level? We walked through some tips and tactics to really scale. We explained the importance of high-velocity testing to reaching exponential growth.

We concluded the webinar with a great Q&A session where we covered almost 20 minutes of questions from audience members across a vast range of industries, company sizes, and optimization program maturity levels to help listeners not only get started, but also troubleshoot current processes, and achieve the wins they need.
With the right framework in place, the opportunity to achieve exponential growth is within reach for all companies. Want to learn more? Check out the full webinar here, or reach out to the 3Q CRO team to learn about how we can help establish a foundation that will catapult your brand to the next level.

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