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Get to Know the 3Q Creative Team: Our Trip to the SFMOMA

Published: April 13, 2018

Author: Samantha Trieu

How does an innovative and nimble creative team keep its edge while churning out client deliverables? At 3Q, the Creative team fends off art block and burnout by seeking out creative inspiration and memorable team-building experiences. In our most recent effort, we took a much anticipated field trip to the SFMOMA. Below, I’ll walk through the team’s favorite art and exhibits, and detail what we learned along the way.

First Stop: In Situ

Our first objective of the day was to engage our underutilized sense of taste at the Michelin-Star museum restaurant, In Situ. There, we were lucky enough to sample impeccably plated bites including truffle-coated lamb, mushroom risotto, pork belly cubes and good ol’ chicken tikka masala; each was a delectable treat from first glance to last bite.
Lesson # 1: Self care is important. A well-fed team is a happy team!


Art & Exhibits

1. Dan Flavin

This exhibit by Dan Flavin was reminiscent of our favorite messaging app, Slack, which we use to keep open and frequent communication between the team! The lack of a frame reminded me that communication transcends boundaries and is crucial for a well-functioning team.
Lesson #2: Impeccable branding can bring a logo top-of-mind in unexpected places.

2. Clinamen by Céleste Boursier-Mougenot


These floating bowl chimes allowed us to enjoy the happy symphony of movement, color, and sound. The sound of an individual bowl’s collision with its neighbor is rich and clear, but the unique and amazing experience comes from the unexpected interactions of the entire pond of chimes. It reminds me of the lack of control in the creative process, but that unpredictability can bring about delights.
Lesson #3: Sometimes unplanned, organic interactions can create something beautiful.

3. The Bathroom by SFMOMA


We realized upon entering the restrooms that even it makes a strong, branded impression. Even when you’re on the loo, it’s hard to forget you’re at MOMA! Incidentally, all the red made me want to hurry out of that restroom and run back to all the exciting exhibits awaiting at the MOMA!
Lesson # 3: It’s important to stay on brand. Sweat the details. A consistent experience can make all the difference.

4. The Bench in Front of the Roy Lichtenstein Exhibit


With so many exhibits in the museum, it’s easy to meander through the halls without looking twice at an art piece. The placement of a simple bench can make the difference between walking by or taking a seat, taking the time to notice all the details. Not to mention it makes the viewing experience more enjoyable.
Lesson 4: We were reminded to keep in mind that the context from which our audiences see our ads creates a vastly different experience.

5. Kind mit Pudeln (Child with Poodles) By Katharina Fritsch


The exhibit shows 120 poodle sculptures surrounding a plaster infant in the center of a room. Is it a circle of protection? Is it some dark ritual involving human sacrifice? I’ll tell you what I see: Teamwork.
Lesson #5: Each project is made possible by an army of team members working together to reach campaign go-live.
All artists know that it’s important to break the routine. To keep designs fresh, it’s necessary to bring outside perspectives back into your work. And we certainly can’t complain about fitting in some team bonding along the way! We’re excited to take these lessons back with us and see what we can create.

Work With Us!

3Q is hiring, and we would love to have your creative inspiration on our team!
Lesson #6: 3Q is an awesome place to work! We have fun so that we can keep crushing deadlines. Come join us and start your own adventure at 3Q!

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