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Get to know Serena Claudio, SEM Account Manager at 3Q Digital

Published: July 21, 2016

Author: Hillary Read

Get to know Serena Claudio, SEM Account Manager at 3Q Digital from our San Francisco office.


What’s the first metric you check when you start the day? 

It depends on the account, but across the board I always check spend and CPA/ROAS.

What is your favorite advertising campaign?

I don’t watch much TV, but I still remember the Doritos “Keep Your Hands Off My Momma” commercial that aired during the Super Bowl..so funny!

What one quality do you think is most important in successful digital marketers today?

Being competent and confident in your work and with all client communication. 

What is your favorite thing to brag about at 3Q?

I love the opportunity for quick advancement  and the recognition of hard work! I also really enjoy eating…so the kitchen is my favorite place in the office.

What’s the best part of your office?

San Francisco – the best part is definitely the people and opportunity to collaborate/share knowledge. Everyone here is super hard-working and smart, but we also laugh a lottt!

If you had to switch offices, which office would you pick and why?

New York; I’ve wanted to move there since my college days. 

What is your motivation to come into work every day?

The fact that there is always something new to learn. Digital marketing is always evolving; there really isn’t an opportunity to get bored!

What has been your favorite perk item/activity?

Go Kart Racing for sure! I love an environment where it is okay to be super-competitive and drive fast at the same time! Plus, I won third place, which is not too bad.

Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses, or one horse sized duck?

1 horse sized duck, in hopes that I could actually tame it with a duck call whistle and ride it to and from work everyday (I currently walk).

What is on your bucket list?

Skydiving, becoming an OK guitar player, finding some type of seafood that I actually like, just to name a few. 


What is your favorite thing to do outside of work? 

Going on random adventures that keep me active. I’m a very last-minute planner so basically just deciding to go somewhere with friends and laughing the whole way.


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