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Get to Know Facebook Business Manager

Published: December 29, 2014

Author: Robert Brady

If you haven’t yet heard (and even if you have heard and haven’t gotten on the bandwagon yet), Facebook has launched their new Business Manager, and it’s awesome! Gone are the days of having to create a business page that was tied to your personal Facebook profile. Gone are the days of having clients see the email your Facebook account is attached to. In short, Hallelujah!

What Does Business Manager Offer?

There are 3 main benefits offered by the new Business Manager:

1. Ownership – Page and ad management can now be owned by Business Manager instead of individual accounts. I can remember too many situations where an employee created a company account and then got fired or got another job. Getting ownership of the account to another employee was always a hassle (and I’ve heard horror stories about employees not giving it back).

2. Control – Once ownership resides with the Business Manager account (which has its own separate login), it is easy to see who has access to what pages, ads, etc.

3. Scale – With full control over who accesses what, your social media manager can work on your Facebook page, your digital advertising agency can work on your ads, and executives can be added to keep an eye on everything as well.

In short, Facebook ads has finally grown out of its awkward teenage years and become a full-fledged adult.

A Guided Tour

Now that we’ve talked about what it does, here is a quick guided tour of what you’ll see once you’re in Business Manager. First, let’s look at the home screen:
As you can see, it’s super-simple. Each account is listed and you’ve even got a little spend bar (circled in red) that shows you generally how much the account has spent over the last few days.  It states your access level via the Role column, and you’re just one click from managing your ads or creating new ads via the Actions drop-down box.
Now, if you click the Settings link in the upper left, you get to this area:
Again you’ll notice the client list in the main content area. There is a tab for Pages and another tab for Ad Accounts, which I’ve circled in red because they’re a little hidden in the interface. You’ll see my email address listed, and since I’m an admin I can add new users or change permissions for users.
I also want to point out the Use Power Editor link in the upper right corner. That’s the same Power Editor you’ve hopefully been using and have grown to love, and it’s accessible right in your shiny, new Business Manager account.
In summary, Facebook Business Manager makes life a lot easier for advertisers and brands that need multiple employees working on their Facebook initiatives and/or are using external agencies to assist with these functions. (Michelle Morehouse did a full presentation on Facebook Business Manager at State of Search in Dallas if you want further information.)
If you haven’t already jumped on board, I suggest getting on the bandwagon, because this is the future of Facebook.

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