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Fraud Prevention: Watch the Lead Quality with GDN’s Pay-Per-Conversion Feature

Published: January 22, 2019

Author: Ashley Mo

Pay-per-conversion is a new bidding strategy for Google Display Network (GDN) campaigns in which advertisers choose to only pay for conversions at a Target CPA they set. You can still select the targeting, but it takes the optimization out of your hands and into Google’s machine learning algorithm. It essentially makes testing display no-risk — sort of.

Why sort of? Well, while this automation can be effective at driving leads, it’s still important to check for three signs of bad traffic quality so you’re not paying for poor or fake leads.

Invalid Clicks

In Google Ads, you can add in the Performance column “Invalid clicks” to monitor traffic quality at the campaign level. If you see a high number of invalid clicks for a campaign, you should investigate further. Also check your end-of-month invoice to see how much credit is issued back for invalid clicks.


Checking “Where Ads Showed” under the Placements tab will give you a sense of where Google is choosing to serve ads. You can sort placements by Impressions to see where ads are showing or Conversions to see where leads are coming from. If you see questionable placements, exclude them from your account. Examples including gaming and freebie/giveaway sites.

Lead Source

Within your internal data, you should definitely be evaluating the lead source of non-converting leads. Make sure your ads are tagged with the correct utm’s with source=gdn for GDN campaigns. (If you enable auto-tagging, Google will do this automatically.) Ideally you would be evaluating lead quality at a more granular level like campaign or keyword, but evaluating channels as a whole is a good first step.
By regularly reviewing these signs, you can reduce fraudulent clicks and ensure your client that you are taking actionable steps to maintain high lead quality.

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