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Forget Me Not: TLC for the Neglected Pages on Your Site

Published: August 11, 2014

Author: Lauren Roitman

When you were planning your new site (or updating your old one), I can bet that there were some pages that you just waved your hand at, exclaiming “that can wait until after it’s launched; it’s not that important”. Those ‘unimportant’ pages, however, are probably some of your most important, and most frequently viewed.
Go on, have a look in Analytics at your page views for your “About Us”, “Meet the Team”, and “Testimonials” pages. I’ll wait.
Surprised by the number of visits? Still think these pages are unimportant? Well, read on to find out why these neglected pages could really do with a little TLC. From conversions to enquiries, you’ll be amazed by what a few small tweaks could do for you and your business…

About Us

You’ll probably be surprised at the number of people looking at your “About Us” page. But honestly, why does this come as such a shock?
I know that when I’m looking to purchase a product or service, I want to feel like I know a bit more about the company before handing over my card details and watching my bank balance plummet. Why should I hand my cash over to them? Why should I trust their company and this website with my details? What makes them experts? There’s only one page where I’ll find this information: “About Us”.
The “About Us” page is your chance to sell your story and enamour people with your vision, whatever that may be. Avoid pitching a corporate story and try telling the tale of how the company came into being. It should be personal, it should explain your company culture, and it should help the reader connect with your business on an emotional level.
These pages instill trust, humanise your brand, and differentiate you from your competitors. Think carefully about who is best to write the content for this page, and don’t brush this page to one side. It’s how your customers, clients, and employees connect with you. That’s important.

Great Examples

Ben and Jerry’s
Ben and Jerry’s “About Us” page gets their voice and company culture across perfectly, using light-hearted, yet humble, copy, sweet illustrations, and a simple timeline. This page really gets across how this now-huge brand started as a single scoop shop in a renovated gas station and their not-so-straightforward climb to world-wide recognition.


Moz doesn’t sell itself on “The Moz Story” page. Instead, they do a great job of illustrating their journey over the last 10 years whilst expressing what they’re all about. It showcases milestones without going into too much personal detail. When you refresh the page, you get a new picture of the team show up behind the header, which is a nice touch in my opinion as it adds another human element.

Meet the Team

So, you’ve got a kick-ass “About Us” page that makes every reader instantly fall in love with your company. So much so that they now want to know more about your team! Demanding little so-and-so’s, aren’t they?
Your “Meet the Team” page is your chance to show off the talent you have within your company. There’s a reason that you hired each and every one of your employees.
One of your teammates may be a whiz with Excel and can whip up formulas like there’s no tomorrow. Content ideas might just fall from their brain all day long. Or perhaps they can flip 20+ beer mats and catch them in one hand (my party trick right there; it’s harder than it sounds).
Whatever it is that made you hire them, you should be shouting about it.
Last year Wayne wrote a great post for the Boom blog with tips on how to create creative meet the team pages. I’m not going to regurgitate what he said in that post (go and read it!), but I will say that I think photographs and bios are incredibly important on these pages.
Photographs show that there is an actual person attached to the persona you read on the screen. You might choose corporate headshots, a picture of the individual doing something they love, or a team picture. Whatever you choose, a picture puts a face to the name and gets the reader connecting with your staff straight away.
The bios need thinking about too. As well as the usual name, job title, and experience stuff, try to include a bit about what makes you unique. What do you like doing outside of work, what are your interests, done anything amazing recently that’s worth bragging about? It’s these little details that help make connections.

Great Examples

Whilst Kickstarter doesn’t include a bio for each of the team members, the cool moving panorama of everyone sat outside does all of the talking. The little touches like bunches of flowers, cups of tea, and footballs paired with dressing in their own clothes hints at the kind of people that they are.
Digital Marmalade
Taking the idea of Top Trumps and applying it to the “Meet the Team” page gives Digital Marmalade an edge. They offer stats on years in the industry alongside light-hearted things like “coffee-making skill”. You click through the tabs for more personal information – the “superhero” tab has some fun photo-shopping that make you want to click on every single person.


You’ve sold yourself as a company and as a team. Your potential client/customer now likes you, but the next question is whether you’re up to the job or not. How do they gauge this without actually using your services/purchasing your products? Testimonials!
For fresh-out-of-the-blocks businesses, a “Testimonials” page probably isn’t relevant; you’re still trying to build up a customer base, after all! But the longer that you’re established, the more opportunity you’ve had to gather up some words from present or past clients/customers which will help convince others that you’re right for the job.
Don’t just list your testimonials. Make them a destination page, make them interesting, and make them worth reading. They provide social proof to the world that you are great to work with/purchase from, and will help to sell you and your company, so why would you want to hide them away?
Work with your clients to produce a testimonial that is both honest and sings your praises, and you’ll be singing too.

Great Examples

Basecamp went into great detail with their tour of how KEEN Footware used their service to build their flagship store. What could be a better testimonial than showing how your software took a business from inception to launch?
Focus Lab
I adore Focus Lab’s portfolio and testimonial page combo. Not only do they give you an insight into their processes (Haywire’s early explorations, for example), but also with quotes like “That’s good, that’s damn good” from the Co-Founder of Haywire himself, you know they hit the mark.
I hope after reading this, you’ll consider giving some TLC to some of the neglected pages on your site. Those unloved pages could be costing you sales, customers, and clients because they’ve been pushed to the bottom of your priority list. Poor little things. In the meantime, have you seen any awesome examples of companies/people doing cool things with these pages? I’d love to see them!

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