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Fitbit ROI Challenge recap, week 7: Team Max CPC takes it to the streets

Published: June 8, 2012

Author: Molly Shotwell

fitbit challenge
Team Max CPC spells it out - and takes it to the streets! (From left: Laura Rodnitzky, Mai-Linh Lai, Kristin Kopp, blog author Brittni Hamman, Katie Eschenburg, Melissa Bregar, Maureen Reardon)

Not only has the Fitbit ROI Challenge been able to motivate each office to get moving, but it has also opened up opportunities to be a team outside of the office. This past weekend, seven employees from Team Max CPC in the PPC Associates Chicago office participated in the United Run for the Zoo. We all ran our own race, but what a difference it made running with such a supportive group of co-workers.
We decided to do this 10k four weeks before the race, which didn’t leave much time to prepare. Big lesson learned: just because we are wearing the Fitbit doesn’t mean one will find more time to train, run faster, or have easier workouts. We still had to make a huge effort in order to prepare and had each other and this wonderful device to hold us accountable. Melissa Bregar, who has constantly been at the top of the challenge’s leaderboard, said, “Training for a 10K in 4 weeks seemed like a crazy idea at first, but wearing my Fitbit was a constant reminder that I was on the clock and needed to push forward. Without this competition, I don’t think I would have finished the race, or even started it!”
We knew it before the race, but PPC Associates has some tough competitors. Katie Eschenburg impressed us all with her 8:22 miles, earning 16th place in her division. “The Fitbit challenge motivated me to go on more runs to try and increase my steps. Since the10k tied into the Fitbit challenge, I had more of a reason to train harder. I had personal goals that I was able to achieve because I had been training more than I would have otherwise.” She mentioned things that have changed around the office that also helped out with her training. “The entire office will go on walks as well as have active meetings where we all step in place. We have also started taking the stairs more, which seems like a good idea.” (Which may have been influenced by her recently getting stuck in the elevator?)
Katie, unknowingly, was able to inspire and keep other colleagues’ spirits high mid-race. Laura Rodnitzky, who had never done a race before, said, “I hate running, so about 2 miles in I was already miserable. But then I passed Katie (who had looped around and was a good mile ahead of me, of course), and I remembered why I was doing it: To get fit, and to encourage my coworkers to do the same! The Fitbit ROI Challenge has motivated us all to be more active.” And encourage she did!
Not everyone has the same relationship with running. Kristin Kopp had been running 6-7 miles per day prior to the Challenge. “I have always enjoyed running, but it gets me excited when others want to join. I was super-excited when at the end most of our team members did better than they expected (and most were even smiling at their accomplishments)!” Kristin was another one of our top performers, placing 40th in her division!
Another inspiring employee was Maureen Reardon. She initially signed up for the 5k walk, but as we were taking photos and stretching/contorting to form the letters of our team name as shown in the team picture (great thinking, Mai-Linh Lai), she announced she was going to join us in the 10k! It took our support system to a new level knowing Maureen was out there with us.
From meeting up before the race to going out for a celebratory brunch after, it was such a great experience. This challenge has definitely had a positive impact on the office and morale. Though we only have one more week until the final results, the “Challenge” will continue, and the Fitbit Ultras will still be put to good use. Many of us have even signed up for our next 10k (of many?) after the Fitbit ROI Challenge ends.
Oh, and here are the week’s numbers (we haven’t mentioned the San Mateo office, but the Bay Area’s best made it a surprisingly close week):
Individual weekly bests:
Steps taken:
1. Rodnitzky, Chicago, 137,822
2. Bregar, Chicago, 122,375
3. Kopp, Chicago, 113,162
4. Hillary Read, San Mateo, 93,723
5. Jaime Sikora, Chicago, 89,998
Miles traveled:
1. Bregar, Chicago, 65.40
2. Rodnitzky, Chicago, 65.13
3. Kopp, Chicago, 62.05
4. Read, San Mateo, 52.66
5. Todd Mintz, Chicago, 39.59
Active Score:
1. Rodnitzky, Chicago, 12,582
2. Bregar, Chicago, 11,339
3. Monica Madrigal, San Mateo, 8,357
4. Kopp, Chicago, 7,888
5. Sikora, Chicago, 7,288
Most improved:
Chicago: Kopp, +25,656
San Mateo: Will Lin, +35,432
Chicago: Kopp, +13.27
San Mateo: Lin, +15.98
Active Score:
Chicago: Bregar, +1,826
San Mateo: Lin, +2,326
The weekly numbers, by office:
Average steps/participant:
Chicago: 54,073
San Mateo: 44,018
Average miles/participant:
Chicago: 26.6
San Mateo: 21.7
Average active score/participant:
Chicago: 4,665
San Mateo: 3,816
What to watch for in the week 8 finale (ed’s note: hopeful voice from San Mateo inserting opinion here): Will Max CPC put its tired little feet up and collect its laurels and let the other team have ONE FREAKING WIN, FOR THE LOVE OF…
Brittni Hamman, Chicago Office Coordinator

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