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Fitbit ROI Challenge recap, Week 6

Published: June 1, 2012

Author: Molly Shotwell

PPC Associates Senior Display Media Manager Sean Nowlin, who lives outside of Cleveland and works from his home, takes a fair amount of ribbing from the San Mateo office’s sports zealots for his intense allegiance to Cleveland’s (insert adjective here – and be kind) sports teams.
Turns out Mr. Nowlin’s laughing all the way to a weekly Fitbit trophy.

Chief Wahoo would be proud.

Nowlin, who estimates he’s lost almost 20lbs since the start of the challenge, has upped his regular routine to include more cardio — and he supplements that with tricks like walking around his house during phone meetings and pacing during Indians games (which, let’s be honest, is probably therapeutic).
“Oh, yeah,” Nowlin said of his new habits, which he admits are easier to undertake in a work-from-home setting. “Some phone calls, I’ll put on 3,000 to 5,000 steps. Stuff like that fits perfectly into my work setting — and working from home can be kind of isolating, but the challenge really helps bring a social aspect to it.”
Nowlin, who has been urging his wife to get a Fitbit of her own, is the first gentleman winner of our challenge, and he’s not resting on his laurels. He’s packing all of his workout clothes for a looming week-long vacation with his family in Hilton Head, and he’s planning to continue his intensified early-morning workout routine.
“It’s been awesome,” he said. “It’s a combination of the device, the food tracking, the website, and everything…it’s pretty slick. Really keeps the motivation going. And obviously, the social aspect of it is really compelling. I’m definitely planning to keep it up after the challenge; I hope we can keep some kind of informal thing going.”
Nowlin’s efforts count on the Chicago side of the ledger, and they’re a big part of keeping the Windy City team’s record unblemished.
The (sigh) numbers:
Individual weekly bests:
Steps taken:
1. Sean Nowlin, Chicago, 143,017
2. Laura Rodnitzky, Chicago, 126,400
3. Jaime Sikora, Chicago, 108,677
4. Ada Pally, Chicago, 107,213
5. Melissa Bregar, Chicago, 104,617
Miles traveled:
1. Nowlin, Chicago, 77.82
2. Rodnitzky, Chicago, 59.66
3. Hillary Read, San Mateo, 52.55
4. Bregar, Chicago, 52.37
5. Tyler Jordan, San Mateo, 50.65
Active score:
1. Rodnitzky, Chicago, 12,155
2. Bregar, Chicago, 9,513
3. Nowlin, Chicago, 8,480
4. Monica Madrigal, San Mateo, 8,093
5. Sikora, Chicago, 7,563
The weekly numbers, by office:
Average steps/participant:
Chicago: 70,139
San Mateo: 43,710
Average miles/participant:
Chicago: 34.01
San Mateo: 21.54
Average active score/participant:
Chicago: 5,574
San Mateo: 3,735
What to watch for in week 6: This one’s easy: who will be the PPC Associates winners of the 5K/10K race on tap in Chicago next weekend?
Hillary Read, Marketing Manager

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Suite 420

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