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Fitbit ROI Challenge recap – Week 4 (Meet the captains)

Published: May 18, 2012

Author: Molly Shotwell

So now we know the prizes at stake in PPC Associates‘ Fitbit ROI Challenge: a new treadmill or elliptical for the winning office and a choice of either running shoes or a spa gift certificate for the individual with the most total category wins.
As if that’s not enough, the weekly category “most improved” winners are getting goodies like free movie tickets.
This thing is on. But if you’ve been watching the numbers, you know we haven’t lacked motivation from the get-go. Who do we credit for that (and for the bounty of prizes)? Meet our captains.
Chicago office coordinator Brittni Hamman, the brains behind the challenge:

Get moving, Chicago. Or else.

Pam Paradiso, Director of Operations and San Mateo motivator supreme:
You can't see us, but we're sprinting.

Hamman, who is not above talking a little trash, backed up her words in week 1, setting the bar high and (we can only assume) brandishing the occasional cattle prod to encourage her Chicago colleagues to clear it.
(Which they have.)
(Every week.)
Paradiso’s approach — walking meetings outside, exhortations for people to walk to lunch and take the stairs — is right in keeping with her focus on office health and happiness. And while her San Mateoans haven’t kept pace with their Chicago colleagues, she’s seen plenty of differences thanks to the challenge.
“There’s definitely more awareness about everything,” she said. “It’s changed people’s habits, for sure. They walk to lunch. They have meetings outside. It’s gotten people to realize how accessible an improved level of fitness is — even if it’s just taking five minutes here and there.”
And there’s been a huge bonus, she added — a particularly important one for a company with two offices and a crew of employees working from homes all across the country.
“There’s an increased awareness of each other,” she said. “It feels like we’re part of a team even more, even between offices.”
That said, there’s a freaking treadmill in the offing, and despite Chicago’s four-week run, Paradiso’s not about to give up.
“We need to step it up,” she said. “I need to step it up.”
And on to the numbers (Chicago, enjoy your roll while you can):
The individual weekly best:
Weekly steps taken:
1. Laura Rodnitzky, Chicago: 197,110
2. Monica Madrigal, San Mateo: 191,456
3. Melissa Bregar, Chicago: 190,715
4. Kristin Kopp, Chicago: 124,263
5. Sean Nowlin, Chicago: 121,734
Weekly miles traveled:
1. Madrigal, San Mateo: 112.38
2. Bregar, Chicago: 99.52
3. Rodnitzky, Chicago: 89.02
4. Kopp, Chicago: 71.60
5. Hillary Read, San Mateo: 70.87
Weekly active score:
1. Madrigal, San Mateo: 18,437
2. Rodnitzky, Chicago: 15,891
3. Bregar, Chicago: 15,423
4. Hamman, Chicago: 10,651
5. Read, San Mateo, 9,633
Most improved (over Week 2):
Steps: Sana Ansari, San Mateo: +73,976
Miles: Ansari, San Mateo: +34.12
Active score: Ansari, San Mateo: +7,938
The weekly numbers, by office:
Weekly average steps/participant (week 2 comp. in parentheses):
Chicago: 79,823 (-1,714)
San Mateo: 61,049 (-3,726)
Weekly average miles/participant (week 2 comp. in parentheses):
Chicago: 38.94 (-.44)
San Mateo: 31.34 (-1.77)
Weekly average active score/participant  (week 2 comp. in parentheses):
Chicago: 6,956 (-502)
San Mateo: 5,632 (-115)
What to watch in week 4: Will the offices turn the tide after a brief dip in week-over-week scores? Will Madrigal’s new (not-so-secret) weapon lead the San Mateo team to an overdue win? Can Sean Nowlin(welcome, gentleman!) continue his creep up the ranks? As always, stay tuned.
– Hillary Read, Marketing Manager

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