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Fitbit ROI Challenge recap – Week 2

Published: May 4, 2012

Author: Molly Shotwell

So…the PPC Associates San Mateo office felt pretty good about things during week 2 of our Fitbit ROI (Return on Intensity) Challenge. We were taking more steps, going the extra mile (literally), being more active. But we hadn’t accounted for Chicago production assistant Kristin Kopp.

The star of week 2.

A solid performer in week 1, Kopp shot out from under the radar to take home four category wins (including miles traveled and a sweep of the most-improved standings) and lead the Chicago team to a decisive week 2 triumph over an improving San Mateo squad.
“I run six or seven miles, five mornings a week,” said Kopp, who is training for the Chicago Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon (as part of the world’s most athletic bachelorette party) in July. “It definitely pushes me; there are days I don’t want to go that far, but I’ve gotta get my steps in. I also take the stairs instead of the elevator at work now — actually, I take the stairs everywhere now.”
How good was Kopp in week 2? The difference between her week 1 and week 2 scores was better than the San Mateo week 2 average in all three categories.
“I’m a very competitive person,” Kopp said. “My husband thinks I’m crazy; if I’m close to a goal late at night, I’ll pace back and forth until I get it.” She added that she was also inspired by week 1’s standout, San Mateo’s Monica Madrigal, and made it a goal to top Madrigal’s averages.
Madrigal did hold off Kopp for this week’s Steps crown, while Chicago senior production manager Melissa Bregar rose up for the week’s top Active Score tally. Here’s the full list of the week’s best individual performers (Windy City, we salute you):
Weekly steps taken:
1. Madrigal, San Mateo: 170,630
2. Kopp, Chicago: 168,988
3. Laura Rodnitzky, Chicago: 137,847
4. Hillary Read, San Mateo: 133,406
5. Melissa Bregar, Chicago: 132,226
Weekly miles traveled:
1. Kopp, Chicago: 86.52
2. Madrigal, San Mateo: 80.40
3. Read, San Mateo: 72.28
4. Bregar, Chicago: 67.99
5. Heather Roddy Scott, Chicago: 63.93
Weekly active score:
1. Bregar, Chicago: 14,630
2. Madrigal, San Mateo: 14,296
3. Kopp, Chicago: 13,628
4. Rodnitzky, Chicago: 11,613
5. Brittni Hamman, Chicago, 11,016
Most improved (over Week 1):
Steps: Kopp, Chicago: +83,902
Miles: Kopp, Chicago: +46.56
Active score: Kopp, Chicago: +6,611
Winning smiles...

The numbers, by office:
Weekly average steps/participant (week 1 comp. in parentheses):
Chicago: 80,266 (+ 17,960)
San Mateo: 63,921 (+8,621)
Weekly average miles/participant  (week 1 comp. in parentheses):
Chicago: 39.66 (+10.09)
San Mateo: 31.07 (+4.31)
Weekly average active score/participant (week 1 comp. in parentheses):
Chicago: 7,140 (+1,174)
San Mateo: 5,479 (+430)

What to watch in week 3:
Can both teams continue to improve? Who will be the next star to emerge? Will the arrival of a Fitbit Aria scale be the jump-start the San Mateo team needs? Will a male crack the leaderboard? Stay tuned.
– Hillary Read, Marketing Manager

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