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Find Your Favorite Features on the New AdWords Interface

Published: July 13, 2017

Author: Faysal Kamal

The AdWords interface has great new data visualization and easy interactive ways to make bid adjustments, but for those who have been using the previous interface for years it can be quite difficult to find certain features that were more prevalent before. Specifically, we will be hunting down the auction insights report, search terms, ad extensions and modifying columns, running through the new shared library, and detailing areas that are still reverting to the old AdWords.

Search Terms and Negatives

These have been simplified in the new AdWords interface. Once in the keyword tab on the right side of the page, the search terms and negatives are now available as main options on the top bar.

Filtering, Segmenting, Modifying Columns, and Exporting Data

From left to right, the filtering, segmenting, column modification, and data downloads are all available in the top right of campaign, ad group, ad and keyword data pages. This new view allows for more focus on the data visuals.

Columns are easy to add to the data tables using the new filtering method shown above, although not all columns are available yet.

Auction Insights

Keeping an eye on the competition and the changing bid landscapes is a feature of AdWords that many check out right away when areas of long-term consistency are seeing drastic shifts in performance. Google has taken steps to make this information a bit more prevalent, yet they still do make you take one extra click to get there.
In the previous interface, the Auction Insights report was located under the details drop-down:

By Campaign, Auction Insights was the only option under the “More” drop-down:

This is similar to looking at the Auction Insights by keyword as well:

Keywords selected on the keyword tab do not stay filtered in the Auction Insights tab, and you will have to use the filter options once you’re in the Auction Insights data.

Experiments and Drafts

Everyone loves running a good test, whether it’s ad copy, a new landing page, or bid strategy. There is both good and bad news here as far as managing your drafts and experiments under the new interface. Good news, your running experiments and historical data do show up amongst your other campaigns. The bad news here is that you will have to go back to the old interface to manage your experiments and create new draft campaigns.

Shared Library, Bulk Actions, Keyword Planner, Ad Preview Tool

The three-button drop-down menu in the top right of the new AdWords has many different tools and accounts settings, including billing.
A history of bulk actions can be seen in the new AdWords, but managing scripts and bid rules can only be done from the previous interface.
The keyword planner is the same, but the ad preview tool has a new clean look with the same filtering options seen below.

All in all, the new Google AdWords interface is a clean, user-friendly new way to manage your campaigns, and for seasoned AdWords pros the new AdWords, once you explore all of the three-dot drop-downs, the data visualization and simplified features help save time and still have potential to improve areas that have not yet migrated over.

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