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Fill the Pipeline in a Pandemic by Adjusting Your Marketing Mix

Published: March 13, 2020

Author: Hillary Read

The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked unprecedented turmoil worldwide, and growth marketers must adjust on the fly to keep their companies driving forward. In today’s installment of insights pulled from our Guide to Growth Marketing in the Coronavirus Age, we’re tackling how to fill your pipeline by adjusting how you’re spending your budget and time.

The event dominoes started to fall in early March as Google, Facebook, SXSW, and other big names began canceling in droves. Events still on the calendar into May and June are tenuous, at best, which means marketers must quickly reallocate spend from three months of lost events to build the top of the funnel. There are three immediate areas that marketing should count on to build the top of the funnel:

  • Organic content
  • Paid social, native, and programmatic
  • Non-brand, top-of-funnel keywords

Yes, content and paid media are already a part of every marketer’s mix, but it’s time to double down. Less in-person time means more time in front of devices, more need to consume thought-leadership digitally, and more people to reach with an initial (or early) touchpoint.
To brainstorm content topics that you can push out on paid social and native, scan the agendas for 2-3 major conferences where you would expect to find your target audience, cross-reference AHREFS to get an idea of volume and CTR, and get rolling. It’s not always essential to capture leads with your content, but make sure you’re tracking KPIs to measure engagement and brand awareness, as well as a process to measure the value of a top-of-funnel content lead vs. an event-driven lead. Before kicking off longer content pieces or webinars and putting money into advertising them, do some research on your proposed subject and title to do a saturation check, since your competitors may be doing the same thing.
Note that content of a more personal nature, like videos or podcasts, may help mitigate a potential feeling of isolation as more and more people work from their homes and avoid public places. Take the time to invite users to connect with you on social channels, subscribe to your blog, and more.

Re-invest resources in creative and analytics

It’s not necessary to reallocate 100% of your short-term events resources of budget and bandwidth to content and media; look to creative development and testing and analytics to help improve performance of your campaigns, which will pay off at any scale and help lay a healthier foundation for when things return to a more predictable state.
Stay tuned to the blog for more insights on growth marketing in the Coronavirus age.

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