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Why FB Advertisers Need to Communicate with Customer Service Teams

Published: July 28, 2014

Author: Melissa Polsky

Communication between Marketing teams is so important to ensure common goals are being achieved, but sometimes there can be a disconnect between the advertising team and the social media customer service team. These two teams should work hand-in-hand when it comes to Facebook advertising.
Many companies have a person or team dedicated to monitoring comments on social media. It’s important to include this person/team in discussions when you are beginning a new FB ad campaign or trying to achieve a new goal.  With News Feed ads being such a popular ad product, sometimes it’s easy to forget that these ads accumulate comments. If you have certain goals (e.g. direct the user to a certain landing page, product, section of content, phone number, etc.), you should ensure that the customer service team is aware of these goals and can respond to any comments appropriately based on what the end goal of the ad is.

For example, let’s say you are running a campaign to gather Facebook reviews from current customers. The goal of these ads is to have customers leave a star rating and review on your company’s Facebook review page. Let’s assume a customer comments directly on the ad “I had a great experience with your company! I would recommend your product to anyone!” While the response is positive, it does not achieve the goal of collecting reviews on the Facebook Review page. Here is where the social customer service team comes into play. An uninformed customer service team may only respond to the comment with, “Thanks for the kind words, John Smith!” However, an informed customer service team knows the end goal is to collect reviews on the Facebook review page (not on the ad), so they respond to the comment with, “John Smith, thanks for the comment! We appreciate your kinds words. It would really help us out if you could post your comment on our review page found here: facebook.com/fakebusiness/reviews”. This way, both teams are working towards the same goal and have better results by working together.

I have seen many ads on my personal Facebook where the customer service team responds to comments without taking the purpose or end goal of the ad into consideration. Communication between these teams is so important to help ensure the company is putting across a coherent message and that everyone is working towards a common goal. With both teams focused and aware of the end goal, the ad is positioned for better success.
As the FB ad creator, there is also a lot you can learn from your social media customer service team. After all, they are the ones constantly monitoring comments and feedback, so use these comments to help shape Facebook ads. Perhaps there are a lot of comments asking for clarification on an offering in an ad – use this feedback to create ads that elaborate on those details. This helps ensure an all-around better experience for the user.
So, when creating ads, be sure to keep your social media customer service team in the loop. You can both work towards creating better Facebook ads and a better experience for Facebook users.

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