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Facebook's Blueprint: Self-Help for Social Advertisers

Published: April 11, 2018

Author: Matt Cayless

Ever wonder where you can find insights and best practices for Facebook’s marketing tools? You’re not alone; Facebook has traditionally lagged behind Google, which sets the digital advertising standard in educating its practitioners. But these days, you’re in luck! Facebook offers a series of in-depth training opportunities called Blueprint.

Blueprint is a multipurpose program that offers insights and best practices of Facebook marketing tools to advertisers and agencies. Blueprint currently consists of three services: eCourses, in-person workshops, and certification exams. I’ll dive into each in this post.


Blueprint provides free online courses that cover a wide range of topics in detail. These topics cover anything from measuring ad performance to tips for increasing online sales; the full list of topics can be found here. Blueprint eCourses are great for advertisers who are new to Facebook’s platforms. They are free sources of information you can cover at your own pace. When you enroll in a course, you gain access to detailed subject information broken down into a series of chapters. After you read each chapter, the eCourse quizzes you on a couple key topics to check your understanding of the material. These eCourses usually take somewhere from 1-2 hours.


In-Person workshops are interactive one-day events. It is recommended you become familiar with Facebook and Instagram before attending these courses as they provide a more granular level of detail than an eCourse. Also unlike eCourses, these workshops require an invitation and are only offered to Facebook partners. If you are invited,  Facebook will host the workshop at one of their respective offices. Before you begin the workshop, the instructor will supply you with a playbook that will be used throughout the session. The playbook contains all course materials for the workshop and can be referenced at any time. During the workshop, attendees are encouraged to ask questions, including real problems you have encountered using one of Facebook’s marketing tools. The instructor will both answer your questions and recommend a course of action to solve the problem. After the instructor presents all the material, participants will be organized into groups and have a brief period of time to assemble a plan of execution combining all the elements learned throughout the session (for example, you can create a mock media plan for a campaign across both Facebook and Instagram). Prizes are awarded to the team that presents the best execution and understanding of the material.


When you are confident in your understanding of the materials, you can take a certification exam. The current exams offered by Facebook can be found here. Certification requires an advanced level of understanding for Facebook’s marketing tools. In order to take an exam, you must schedule it through the Blueprint website. You have the choice of taking the exam onsite or offsite; both locations will be proctored. Exams cover specific topics in depth, and you will have 75 minutes to complete them. You must earn a score of 70% or higher to become certified in the topics covered. These certifications need to be renewed every 12 months.
The beauty of Blueprint is its design to help inform advertisers and agencies with any level of knowledge about Facebook’s marketing tools. It’s a great starting point if you are interested in learning the basics and a great place to expand or test your knowledge of advanced topics.

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