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Facebook wants to make Dennis Yu more successful

Published: June 2, 2015

Author: Dennis Yu

image001Do you notice Facebook sending you more and more tidbits like this?
They realize that education, not pushy salespeople, is the key to getting advertisers to spend more.
In this case, we’re looking at the page insights for my public figure page (there are no insights on profiles, of course, so don’t call your profile your “page”).
Of course, you can look at your top posts, audience demographics, and post-level stats.
You can even download an Excel CSV for the last 180 days (I wish we could do a whole year) for daily level stats, page level stats, and video-specific post stats.
But the mountains of data you can collect don’t translate into the promised business success so readily.
To take the burden off us in crunching the data, here’s what Facebook needs to do:

-Provide recommendations of what to do: Don’t force business owners and marketers to play “needle in a haystack” to figure out what’s going on with their stats. Provide context (automated alerts and analysis) and then recommendations on what actions to take. We call this thinking MAA (metrics>analysis>action).

-Consolidate Audience Insights with Page Insights: Granted, Audience Insights is in the ads tool and lets you do all manner of analysis against audiences outside your own page. But I’d reckon that few marketers, even the ones who claim to be Facebook pros, realize how to reconcile the two, especially the fact that you can get counts from the Ads Manager as well as Audience Insights.  If I lost you here, my point is proven.

-Collect business goals specifically from the outset: If Facebook doesn’t know your goals, how will they be able to make relevant recommendations?  I suppose if you’re a restaurant, software startup, or agency, they can probably guess.  But why not ask, if nothing more than to demonstrate concern?

-Send a weekly “next steps” checklist to guide folks through the process of driving success via social.  We see some of these trickling in here and there — for example, on how to fine-tune conversion tracking pixels once they’re set up.  But just imagine if Facebook provided you with a guide; wouldn’t you like this?  Facebook said they’re intentionally not doing this, as to not be prescriptive, allowing you to choose how you’d like to use their tools. But I’d argue that 99% of people would like to just be handed the list instead of guess.

-Automated ad action: Wouldn’t it be really cool if you could tell Facebook your goals, plug in your audiences, and have them manage your campaigns for you?  Actually, that’s just a couple years off. And we have optimized CPM, carousel ads, and other tools that pave the way towards smarter automation. The biggest remaining hurdle is content creation, which can’t be fully automated but can be curated and nudged.

How about you? How can Facebook help you become more successful?

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