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Facebook Transparency and Data Policy Updates

Published: March 29, 2019

Author: Carlton Sanders

Situation: Today Facebook announced updates to the platform in an effort to be more transparent with its users. All of these updates, listed below, are intended to give users more information as to why they were shown something in their feed and the ability to monitor data that is tracked against them, all in an effort to help users make their feed a safer environment.
Updates announced:

  • Users can delete their in-platform activity data
  • Users can monitor data collected against them off Facebook
  • Users can delete off Facebook data history
  • Users can see why they were shown organic posts in their News Feed
  • Users can see all ads an advertiser is currently running
  • Facebook will enforce stricter policies for political content posters and advertisers (including double verification)
  • E-Commerce landing pages are beholden to stricter policies for data security and product information

Impact: This will not heavily impact current account performance for most advertisers. These policies are geared to give end users more visibility and a level of control on how their data is collected. Some of these policies have already been rolled out and are in effect. Facebook has informed 3Q that all of our current standing E-commerce accounts will not be impacted by the new landing page guidelines, but we recommend confirming with your agency or Facebook rep if you’re not a current 3Q client.
Advertisers will see the biggest changes in remarketing audiences and the segmentation of prospecting audiences, based on users frequently deleting their history. 3Q’s take for its client accounts, given Facebook performance trends, is that performance will not be affected if best practices are maintained.
As the nature of the industry becomes increasingly transparent this is another step for Facebook to be in line with the macro trends in the industry and further protect themselves and users going forward.

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