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Facebook Tips Gleaned from SEM Techniques

Published: September 6, 2012

Author: Ruben Sanchez

ad crossover
One side can tell us plenty about the other.

RKG’s deep retail roots in paid search shaped a unique perspective on social media networks, specifically Facebook. With many direct response-focused advertisers, RKG initially concentrated on using the Facebook advertising auction as a demand-capture platform. Consequently, our early focus was on duplicating the fundamental activities that enable us to hit efficiency targets on other engines: testing, analysis, and optimization of bids for CPC ad buys. However, through testing we quickly internalized unique truths and tactics that provide a leg up for future Facebook campaigns.
On Facebook, patience is a virtue.
When evaluating the difference in customer behavior on search channels and social channels, there are distinct patterns that emerge and can be used to differentiate the approach to each channel. For example, Facebook conversions are more latent, with some of our advertisers having to wait an average of 30 days from click to conversion. Moreover, sales are inconsistent from one day to the next. (In search, the same advertisers may see as many as 60% of the orders occurring in the same day.)
Facebook ads should feature product categories with the most sales and search volume.
Facebook evergreen ads
SEM’s best performers can help produce evergreen campaigns.

The best-performing social programs integrate data from search programs to deliver ads that feature the best-performing product categories. This is based on product performance we see for both paid and organic search traffic.
The product category approach helps develop “evergreen” social ad campaigns.
When budgets are limited, it is nice to be able to focus on key products versus testing across the entire product catalog. Prospecting and testing wildly can be very expensive on social because of the vast potential amount of campaign segmentation.
We avoid that pitfall by addressing a limited audience. Small audience size brings its own challenges, however, and we also borrow knowledge from display advertising to help mitigate those challenges. To control frequency for the small audience is to rotate advertising creative frequently. Also, best-performing ad copy from paid can be pulled into social. These applied learnings provide a crucial value to retailers who wish to advertise at scale on social; there are even companies out there with a value proposition built around compiling product catalogs and search query logs into relevant advertising copy.
Search keywords can bring new insights to Facebook interest targeting.
Retailers focused on increasing awareness and product discovery will capture better quality clicks on Facebook when they target appropriate interests. Head interest terms on Facebook might be related to your brand and the product. Nevertheless, the ability of your PPC and SEO teams to report on highest-searched groups of keywords can provide insight into the torso interest terms that can be tweaked and translated to effective interest categories on Facebook.
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