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Facebook targeting matters – here's why

Published: June 17, 2013

Author: Molly Shotwell

Today’s post is by Molly McCarty, Account Associate at PPC Associates.
Social media platforms (Facebook specifically) allow advertisers to hit incredibly detailed niches of the population. Say you want to target parents who have a child between the ages of 0 and 3 years old or are in the market for a mini-van and live in Los Angeles. We can do that. (In fact, the reach for that targeting is 671,340 people!)
facebook targeting example
What happens when you target the appropriate segment, though? The average CPA (cost per action) will remain low, you will see a high level of engagement, and you will begin to build relationships with new customers/audience members. This increased engagement will make even more users aware of your brand. Just check out the diagram below:
good targeting benefits
Every time a post that you choose to promote reaches an interested audience member and they choose to take an action (like it, share it, comment on it), that audience member’s friends are likely to see a story about that action, thereby learning more about your brand without you having to promote to them!
facebook promoted post
Of course, this is even better if you are reaching people similar to the user who already took the action. Conventional wisdom tells us that many of the average Facebook user’s friends are similar, in some regards, to the original user. This may be same age, interests, career path, education, etc. So, simply by reaching one person on Facebook, you are reaching similar friends and helping to promote your brand.
All of this, of course, loops back to the importance of Facebook targeting. From an advertiser’s standpoint, Facebook has provided the ultimate platform– the ability to place ads on the newsfeed, one of the most popular landing pages on the Internet. It’s up to you to use this power effectively.
molly mccarty ppc associates– Molly McCarty joined PPC Associates in April of 2013 after working as a marketing and social strategist for a web development firm in Washington DC. Molly has experience with online advertising for members of Congress, as well as a variety of small businesses.

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