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Facebook PPC Tips from HeroConf 2014                 

Published: May 6, 2014

Author: Robert Brady

During HeroConf 2014 in Austin, TX, I moderated a fantastic session titled “PPC For Facebook: What’s Not To Like”. The session featured John Lee of Clix Marketing and Ian Mackie of PointIt, Inc. and they both did a fantastic job of explaining how to use Facebook PPC for business success.

The Facts

First, they shared some statistics that blew me away:

-Facebook reported $2.5 in revenue during Q1 of 2014

– 59% of that revenue was from mobile

-73% of Americans 12-17 are on Facebook
-46% of online seniors use social networking sites like Facebook
-23% of Facebook users check their accounts 5+ times/day
-1.01 BILLION active monthly mobile users
-When holiday shopping was complete, 89% of shoppers shared that on Facebook

So as you can see, Facebook is reaching both teenagers (despite reports to the contrary), online seniors, and everyone in between. They are owning mobile and are getting better all the time. This is a huge opportunity to reach virtually any audience.


There were lots of great tips for the advertiser out there who is just getting started, as well as the experienced Facebook advertiser who is looking to get more from their program:

-Rotate creative once/week to ensure visibility
-Choose campaign objectives wisely (you can’t change them after they’re published)
-Test new ad types/positions so you don’t burn out your audiences

Awesome Sauce

Each speaker also pointed out some very cool newer features that add a lot of power to your Facebook advertising.
John Lee spoke about Custom Audiences, which allow you to upload your current customer email database. Facebook will then match those emails with their database of email logins and create a custom audience of your customers on Facebook. You can also create “look-alike” audiences of people Facebook thinks are similar to your customers. Very cool!
You can then target your customers or look-alike audiences specifically. However, you can also run campaigns and exclude these audiences if you’re targeting customer acquisition instead of repeat purchases.
Ian Mackie spoke about Dark Posts. While it sounds like some shady NSA tactic, it’s a powerful way to promote lots of content without overwhelming your followers/feed with posts. Essentially you create a “dark post” that you are able to promote and measure without it hitting your feed publicly and annoying your fans. This means you can publish audience-specific content and promote it, with full measurement. Awesome!
So, if you weren’t at HeroConf this year, here are some great ideas and takeaways from experience Facebook advertisers. But don’t let the opportunity pass you by next year. HeroConf 2015 will be held in Portland, OR on April 27-29. See you there!
Facebook Ads – Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way | PPC Hero 2014 by point_it

Facebook Ads: Target Real People Real Easy – John A. Lee – #HeroConf 2014 from John Lee


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