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Facebook Messenger Ad Types – a Breakdown

Published: August 17, 2017

Author: Tamer Rizk

Facebook Messenger ads are changing the way businesses communicate with their customers and prospects. The three main types of Messenger Ads include:

  1. Facebook Messenger ads as a destination
  2. Facebook Messenger ads home placement
  3. Facebook Messenger ads as a sponsored message

In this post, we’ll break down each option and how to use it to engage with your customers.

Messenger Ads as a Destination

This feature allows advertisers to create a regular-looking ad. Once the ad is clicked, the user will be redirected into a conversation in Facebook Messenger. Note that this is not a placement; you are essentially telling Facebook to direct people into Messenger once they click on your ad.

Proceed by creating all the content of a regular ad: Headline, Text, Call to Action, and the News Feed Link Description.
Since this ad will be directing people into a conversation in Messenger, you’ll have to set up the content that is presented once someone is directed to Messenger.

In the screenshot above, you can see that there are several ways you can engage with the user once they are in Messenger. Your content can consist of text only, video, or image and text. You will need to provide a button, message text, and your introductory text. The button will allow you to send people to a different destination.

Facebook Messenger Ads Home Placement

When selecting the placement of an ad at the ad set level, you will notice that there are two options for Messenger placement: Home and Sponsored Messages.

If you select the Home placement, your ads will only show in the home section of Messenger. Essentially, this will be above the list of conversations visible within the app. 
Keep in mind that your targeting is limited to people who have messaged your page before. This audience can be created within the custom audiences section by selecting Engagement > Facebook Page > People who sent a message to your Page.

Keep in mind that Facebook will charge you and optimize delivery based on impressions. You will be charged even if the user does not open the message. Once again, you’ll need to set the content that you’ll present once someone clicks on the ad.

Facebook Messenger Ads Sponsored Messages

Sponsored messages are just like receiving Facebook messages from friends, except they are coming from a business. You can find this option ad the ad set level by the placement section.

You can also include links and images. Keep in mind that you are still limited in your targeting to those who previously messaged you in the past.
Expanding into this new channel is a great way for businesses to communicate with their current customers and connect with prospects.

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