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Facebook Getting Serious About Mobile

Published: November 11, 2013

Author: Robert Brady

In the last couple of weeks, Facebook has been making some serious waves in the world of mobile. But how does that affect you as an advertiser? Let’s look at each story and what it means.
Mobile App Ads Getting Video
This news came straight from the Facebook Developer Blog and points out that mobile app ads will be able to use video creative to drive app installs. However, the post also announced CPA bidding for app installs. This is a big help for mobile developers trying to control their cost/install. So, in a nutshell this is what you’ll get:
–        Video for mobile app ads. Great way to engage people and get that install (since they’re on a mobile device it’s just a couple clicks away)
–        CPA bidding (the footnote in the post mentions that cost/install was 20% lower for the eight advertisers participating in the internal test)
Auto-Play Video Ads Delayed Until 2014
The news from AllThingsD comes as an early Christmas gift for actual users of Facebook since auto-play ads are so frowned upon. However, motion draws the eye, and getting attention is huge on Facebook. It should also be noted that sound will be muted until the user turns it on, but it appears that Facebook is balking. What does it mean?
–        Facebook doesn’t want to offend users with auto-play video ads, even on mute
–        If you’re looking for video ads, look elsewhere (YouTube True View ads would be a good option where you can pay/view)
Facebook Is Talking to Blackberry?
As reported by Yahoo Finance, Blackberry execs flew to California to meet with Facebook. With Blackberry struggling, the speculation here is that Facebook might buy Blackberry and use the technology to produce a Facebook phone. While interesting because it would allow Facebook to build in more security, I don’t see this going very far because building phones and managing an operating system is outside of Facebook’s core competencies.
Facebook is pushing harder with its mobile app ads as apps occupy more and more of mobile users’ time. However, they are being careful not to alienate users with auto-play ads. That’s wisdom for you. Lastly, they’re talking with a major mobile device manufacturer that is very much on the market. Facebook is serious about mobile – and only getting more serious.

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