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Facebook + Gaming + Mobile App Ads = Win

Published: August 9, 2013

Author: Ryan Pitylak

arcane legends video games
When avid game players think of mobile role-playing games, Spacetime Studios and its popular ‘Legends’ series are top of mind.
Legends has a loyal following, and when the company wanted to generate additional interest for its Arcane Legends game, they knew Facebook advertising presented an opportunity to drive ROI.
The Objective
Spacetime enlisted our company, Unique Influence, to use the Nanigans system to set up and optimize its Facebook advertising spend.  The main goal was to build a new consumer base that would be highly interested in Arcane Legends.
The Strategy
In this Facebook targeted campaign, we showed app install ads to people while they browsed Facebook on their mobile devices.  From here people could click on the “Install Now” button to download the app.  By default, Facebook will only show this mobile app advertising unit to people on their mobile device.  Below are two examples of ads as seen in preview mode.
app install ads
We targeted a range of interest groups to see which audiences would be most interested in downloading the game.  Using Custom Audiences, we also targeted customers that looked most similar to the people playing its other games.  We also gained an understanding of the gender and age targeting that would be most likely to convert and tested ad units targeting those segments.
The primary focus of the campaign was to find highly engaged and valuable customers.  Using Nanigans we were able to associate revenue generated from the players and associate that revenue with each ad in Facebook.  We used this information to make optimization decisions and quickly improved ROI as a result.
We tested 15 different versions of ads to determine which image and text combination would lead to the best result.  We used an iterative process of optimizing to find the highest revenue producing interest group and ad combinations.


Arcane Legends achieved 316% more revenue per install on Facebook than traditional mobile ad networks in only 14 days. They also achieved a 33% higher ROI (profit-per-install) than other mobile ad networks.
Big takeaways were that image testing definitely mattered.  We found that the 2 images shown in this blog post outperformed other variations that either included more characters or featured the animal in the center of the image.  We also found that targeting a narrow set of interests along with strict age and gender targeting led to great results.  And as expected, Facebook’s lookalike audience performed exceptionally well.
Jeff Petry, General Manager of Spacetime Studios, sums it up best: “Facebook’s extensive targeting capabilities combined with mobile app install ads helped us to acquire high-value customers. We’ve gained a higher ROI with Facebook than any other mobile channel by working with Nanigans and Unique Influence.”
Read the case study here.

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