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Facebook Creative Hub, Lesson 1

Published: January 31, 2017

Author: Lindsey Doherty

In the bad, old days of Facebook marketing, if you were creating an ad and, say, needed to share it with a client before setting it live, you would need to employ a myriad of tools, maybe a Xerox machine or two, in order to show your client what the ad would look like.
No more. Enter, Facebook Creative Hub. Forget expensive third-party tools; this creative sharing hub is available to anyone with an ad account.
When you first enter, you’re greeted with the “Get Inspired” section, which displays the many types of ads Facebook now offers – “Interactive” (Carousel, Canvas, etc.), “Video”, “Image”, and “Instagram”.
The examples are clickable and show the entire ad journey, making them more inspiring than just the good ol’ Jasper’s Market examples when you’re showing clients what’s possible. Click on the “view example” button and case study ads from real brands pop up, with an explanation of why the brand chose this format and why it worked. You can even send the examples to your mobile device (via the Facebook app) so you can view it on the small screen. It’s like they thought of everything.
If you’re ready to actually make some ads, click “Manage Mockups”:

Choose any ad format you like, and away you go! Upload your client’s profile picture to make the ad look like the real thing, add your text and image, and even toggle between desktop and mobile views. But it doesn’t end here! That magical “send to mobile device” button appears again, as does a button with a checkbox; you can check if your ad fits Facebook’s guidelines and whether it’s likely to get limited delivery BEFORE you launch it:

(This is what you want to see.)
But then the fun begins. Hit the blue “Save” button, and you now have the mockup to share with whomever you like – without changing anything in your actual ad account. You can experiment the day away without ever opening Power Editor. Click the “Share” button to send to your client for their approval.

This then generates a URL you can share with anyone. It will show up as “shared by ____ (the name on your Business Manager account). (If you’re using a personal account to log into Business Manager, keep in mind that your name will appear.)
The only drawback so far is that there is no “automatically import this into Power Editor” button. However, looking back on how far we’ve come (sorry, fax machine), it’s a big improvement.

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