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Facebook Company Pages – Missed Ad Opportunity?

Published: October 23, 2012

Author: Molly Shotwell




Today’s post is by Hillary Read, Marketing Manager at PPC Associates.

As PPC Associates’ marketing manager, I’m one of the administrators of our company Facebook page. We don’t do a whole lot on there; we add daily blog posts, trade occasional comments with folks who have “liked” our page, and once in a while we communicate with folks who somehow couldn’t find the contact info on our site.

We could do more. But the page isn’t a blank slate, by any means…so this morning, I got to wondering why there are no ads to be found, especially given the platform’s B2B-friendly ad advancements.

That’s a whole lot of available ad space going unused.

Our company’s posts alone make us relevant targets for headhunters (“We’re hiring!”), local gyms (after our series of Fitbit Challenge posts, you might think 24-Hour Fitness would show us ads for group memberships), grocery delivery, HMOs, etc. And industry-specific stuff offers from DSPs, third-party reporting platforms (we’re happy with Searchforce, thanks very much), etc., would seem like no-brainers.

There are a lot of improvements for the platform to target before this one, I think. And the bigger the company, the lower the odds of the Facebook page admin being in any position to make buying decisions. But for SMBs whose employees often wear multiple hats, ads on a company page would seem to make some sense — or at least be worth testing.

I’m curious: have any page admins seen ads? Know the rationale for why they’re not so prevalent?

– Hillary Read


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