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Facebook Advertising Holiday Wishlist 2013

Published: December 18, 2013

Author: Molly McCarty

It seems a bit greedy to ask the folks at Facebook for a holiday wish list in 2013. They’ve already given us the News Feed, all sorts of options for image ads, Custom Audience and Lookalike targeting, unpublished posts…as front-end developments go, it’s been a bounty of riches for Facebook marketers.
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Oh, but that back end. Forgive us, Zuck and crew, but we do have some wishes if you’re listening this holiday season…

1. Bulk Uploader – It would be great if Facebook had a tool that enabled users to upload multiple posts at one time.

2. Link Post Editor – Facebook currently does not have a way to edit link posts. This means whenever we have to make any change – copy, link, creative – we are forced to rebuild the ad from scratch.

3. Customizable Dashboard In Ads Manager – I wish the Ads Manager dashboard was as customizable as the reports tab; this would save the time of toggling between a report and the Ads Manager Dashboard.

4. Customizable Campaign Dashboard – The current campaign dashboard does not let us manipulate the states that show in the dashboard. I also wish that the date range for the view didn’t have fixed options of 1 day, 7days, or 28 days. On Mondays, I like to see how we did Friday-Sunday. That requires me to pull a report.

5. Email Alerts – Wouldn’t it be great if Facebook could email us alerts when certain milestones (good or bad) were hit? Then we could adjust the ads/campaigns accordingly.

6. Day-Parting – Facebook should give us settings for day-parting so campaigns can have different budgets during certain times and days of the week.

7. An Easier Way to Give Access to an Ads Account – There’s an overly complex process for granting someone access to an ads account. To build the ads, we must be Facebook Page Admins. To manage the ads, we must be users of the ads account. This means that whoever’s email is connected to the ads account that we will be using, must friend us, then must go through the loops of making us a user.

8. A Complete Renovation for Power Editor – It is very buggy, has trouble with large uploads, and logs users out a few times every hour.

What would you add to the list?

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