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Why Facebook Advertising is Not All About Generating Sales

Published: July 30, 2014

Author: Steve Hibberd

At Tiger Pistol, we believe success is achieved when our small business customers can say that their social presence is not only sorted, but a strength that is helping grow their business.
We often have customers approach us knowing they need to be on social (‘everyone else is doing it’), but not truly understanding the value it can bring.  So it’s always a bonus when we can open their eyes and excite them to the potential of being on Facebook and the power of advertising.
Let’s walk through how one of our clients benefitted from Facebook advertising.


A well-established travel accessory business, with a strong prominence in Australasian airports.  They successfully marketed their business over the past 30 years with good relationships with retailers and bright point-of-sale displays.
The company had no need to join the social sphere, but they had seen similar brands online and felt it was time to try something new.


To develop a social presence and create brand awareness outside airports and travel stores.

Discovery and results

As with any new business, an initial testing period had to be done. Various versions of ads and content were posted to their page with small amounts of ad spend. This allowed us to gauge who their target audience was, what garnered a response and how we could engage users further.
During the initial trial phase, we quickly discovered that product-based posts attracted very little response, due to the nature of the product not being an everyday consumable good. Instead, we discovered that the key to connecting with potential clients and customers was through the use of travel imagery, concise, descriptive copy, and playing on the beauty of escapism and adventure.
Once we established this recipe, we were able to create multiple successful campaigns which have grown the client’s following from 0 to 1,000 in fewer than three months.


Having gained such a large following in such a short time, the impressed owners of the company began to see the value of being on Facebook.  To measure the interest in their latest luggage line, we ran a competition over the course of two weeks.
The prize was to win a set of luggage to the value of $1,200 and the set-up of the campaign was simple:
-Post included a photo of the prize and copy was an outline on how to enter:

1. Like our page
2. Share this image
3. Leave a comment telling us where in the world you’d like to take your new luggage set and why.


-Targeting (determined by the success of earlier testing):

o   Age: 20-45

o   Sex: Female

o   Interest: Travel, Adventure

o   Behaviours:  All Travel


o   $70 over 12 days


Over the period of the campaign, the page received 212 new followers. The competition itself received over 104 comments, and 118 people shared the post.   Not to mention, the comments itself offered the company with invaluable feedback on their new range.


Advertising on Facebook is not always about generating sales.  By creating and testing, ads businesses can gain valuable insight into their customers and use that data to build a successful page from scratch (and even conduct some invaluable product evaluations)!  Once you find your target audience through trialling different targeting, you can learn how to speak to them by testing various types of content.  Only then can you invest time in exciting campaigns that drive engagement, encourage shares, and create a loyal following.

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