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Facebook Advertising for Beginners: Create Your First Like Ad

Published: June 20, 2014

Author: Molly Shotwell

Confession time: I am not an advertiser. I fill more of a traditional marketing position here at 3Q (look out for my next post entitled “explaining to your grandparents what ‘regular marketing for a digital marketing agency’ means.”)
When I was given the opportunity to start running ads for the agency on Facebook, I looked forward to the training, but at the same time I was a bit nervous. We have an entire company of talented people all focused on the effective creation, targeting, and placement of these advertisements, and I knew relatively little about getting them up and running. Luckily Facebook Advertising isn’t overly complicated, and I’m here to try to make it less of an enigma.


Before we begin, this post is going to assume a few things:
1) You have a Facebook account
2) You have a business page (or other page you’d like to promote)
3) You are a moderator for the page that will be advertised
If that relatively simple criteria sounds familiar, let’s get to it.

Step-by-Step Process

Select “Create Ads” from the drop-down menu.
Create Ads
Select the ad type you’d like to use for your campaign. In this case, we’re running a like ad, so we’ll select the “Page Likes” option.
Page Likes
Select the page you’d like to advertise on the next menu.
Page Selection
Now for the fun part! Images make or break your advertising. There are tons of resources available online for choosing/creating an image for your advertising. In our case, I went with our stock background image, logo, and a few recycled quotes from a fun project we worked on a few months ago.
Be sure to size the image properly. For a like ad, you want the image to be 600 x 225 pixels. For tips on ad image creation, see this post by our designer Gene (it’s about banner ads, but still relevant).
Next, add your ad copy! Again, there are tons of resources online for writing good copy. For the Facebook like ad, be sure to limit your text to 90 characters. For our ad, we settled on the following:
“Lean, mean digital marketing machines. Independent and kicking big-agency butt since 2008.”
Text and Links
Since the like ad includes a big “Like Page” button on the bottom of the ad, we were more concerned with writing something catchy than we were with including a call to action. Be sure to experiment with what works for your brand!
The next section is targeting. For our purposes, we decided to target marketing professionals within 50 miles of our offices. Targeting to a small radius is a great tactic for small businesses. Make sure to brainstorm relevant interests to your industry to get people who are potential customers/clients to like your page. Again, there are lots of resources for targeting, but keep it simple for your first ad until you figure out what works.
Now we’ll set the pricing and duration of the ad.
Let’s get down to brass tacks: this is your first ad. You might be nervous about it. Now’s your chance to make sure you don’t screw it up big-time! Set a really small budget for your first campaign ($2 a day, or whatever you’re comfortable with) and set the ad to expire 5 days later. That way, no matter what, you’re only out $10. As time progresses, you’ll be able to see which ads are having the best impact at the lowest price. Those are the ones you’ll want to extend for awhile.
Campaign pricing
Place your order and you’re all set! Facebook should approve your ad pretty quickly (took about 10 minutes in my case).
From here on out, you’ll want to monitor their performance (like I mentioned in pricing and duration). From that first drop-down menu, select Manage Ads. In this menu, you can see an overview of all campaigns you have running, and drill down to the individual advertisements. If any of them are underperforming, turn them off!
on off
If you’ve got one that’s clearly better than the others, raise the budget for that one!
The possibilities are endless, but this should help you get through the simple (yet somehow daunting) process of running your first ad on Facebook. Be sure to ask any questions in the comments!

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