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Facebook Ads Manager Updates – What You Need to Know

Published: September 25, 2017

Author: Angela Trumbaturi

There’s a little shakeup occurring in the world of paid social. Facebook recently announced it is rolling out an updated advertising management tool combining Ads Manager and Power Editor. This means Power Editor will eventually go away and (thankfully!) there will be less confusion over deciding on which tool to use.
The option to use the new Ads Manager is now available for me, so I decided to test it out and compare the two (er, three) side by side. For those of us who prefer to use Power Editor, don’t worry. The new Ads Manager imports Power Editor’s best features, including the useful tools for bulk ad management. And while change can be a little scary, there are some features all Facebook advertisers should be aware of with this new update.

Workflow Options: Quick or Guided Creation

The updated Ads Manager provides an additional workflow that is useful if you want the flexibility to complete campaign steps out of order. “Quick creation” allows you to create a draft campaign without being forced to immediately create your ad sets and ads. This method can be handy during the planning process and is one of the biggest reasons I prefer to use Power Editor. If you like the original ad creation workflow, have no fear; Facebook is keeping that option. You’ll see it labeled as “Guided Creation.”


  • Users will automatically be opted into the workflow they used in the past
  • If you’re looking to switch workflows, you’ll see the option listed when you start a campaign
  • You have the option to change your preferred workflow at anytime

Ad Creation Tools

For me, this is the most obvious change in the new Ads Manager. In the ads creation toolbar, you’ll notice the addition of some of Power Editor’s most valuable actions:

  • Quick duplicate and split audience
  • Quick edit (turn on, turn off, edit budget, edit name, find and replace)
  • Revert
  • Save audience
  • Export

Before (old Ads Manager):

After (so many useful tools!):

Automatic Drafts and Publishing Changes

Power Editor users will be very familiar with the new Ads Manager’s “Automatic Drafts” feature. It works just as you’d imagine it to: it automatically saves your work while setting up campaigns, ad sets, and ads.
Much like the new workflow, Automatic Drafts can be especially useful during the planning process. Keep in mind, if you’re not accustomed to this process, it can take a little getting used to as you will now need to review and publish your changes. Facebook will show a helpful reminder if you happen to forget (it happens to the best of us.)


  • Every time you make a change to an ad, you must use review the changes under Review Draft Items and confirm the changes
  • Your changes will not be applied until you confirm the edits under Review Draft Items
  • If you want to delete an ad, you must also confirm the deletion through the same process

Single Source for Reporting

The update provides a one-stop shop for ad reports, hooray! It combines the breakdowns, summary rows, date benchmarks, exported insights, and the ability to customize columns from Ads Manager with the charts and activity history of Power Editor. No more confusion regarding which tool to use or headaches caused by varying data (Power Editor users will know what I’m talking about).

No Lost Functionality

Facebook says that no functionality is lost as a result of this change, and I couldn’t find anything to prove otherwise. The merger of the two tools seems like a necessary step in the evolution of Facebook’s ad management tools, and hopefully we’ll all experience a smoother advertising experience as a result.

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