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Excel Tips for PPC Managers: A Round-Up of Top Posts

Published: October 17, 2012

Author: Katie Walton

Today’s post is by Katie Saxon, a UK-based PPC pro working for Boom Online Marketing. During her three years in the industry, Katie has managed PPC accounts spanning a wide range of verticals. When she’s not at work, she enjoys eating cake and is busy planning her wedding.
excel tipsEvery PPC manager will tell you there is one tool they couldn’t live without: Excel. This spreadsheet software/godsend is as essential as it is written about.
To save you from sifting through reams and reams of blog posts, here’s my roundup of the best Excel posts for PPC pros online.
Excel Hints for PPC: Tasmin Mehew from SEOptimise shares some of her tips on how to make Excel work hard for you. This includes an example spreadsheet showing sumif at work on analysing search query reports. Very nice.
Bridge the Gap Between Excel and Powerpoint: Do you like to use PowerPoint to send out client reports? Then this is the post for you.
Lauren Frankel of SEER Interactive explains how to link Excel and PowerPoint for easy-peasy data inputting.
Analyze Your Account in Minutes With Excel: No list of tips for PPCers would be complete without something from the fabulous PPC Hero. This post explains how to use essential Excel features to analyze your account AND contains links to some other excellent posts.
How to Use the Excel 2007 VLookup Function: Does exactly what it says on the tin: it’s a video explaining how to use VLookup. This is a really clear and easy-to-understand guide to this handy function, definitely a go-to for beginners.
12 Really Useful SEM Excel Functions: Some basic and some advanced Excel functions that every PPC manager should use.
Excel Tips & Tricks Parts One, Two & Three: Another round-up of useful Excel functions, this time by PPC Associates’ very own Jaime Sikora. You’ll find a mixture of basic, advanced, and oh-my-god-Excel-can-do-that?! functions listed here.
Peer Comparison Spreadsheet with Significance Check: It’s not all lists of helpful functions around here – this post features a handy Excel download so you can figure out whether your CTR is good in comparison to your competitors.
The original post explaining how to use the spreadsheet can be found here, but this version can also tell you whether you are significantly better or worse than your peers. Useful, huh?
Free Quality Score Toolkit: And continuing with the ready-made handy Excel tools, how about this quality score toolkit from Wordstream? It makes this list thanks to the Excel download that helps you understand how this metric is affecting your performance. But it also includes a whitepaper, video, and cheat sheet to help you hone your knowledge.
How to Excel at Excel: Master Pivot Tables: Comprehensive guide to Pivot Tables – explaining the what, why, and how of this superior feature from Josh Dreller at Search Engine Land. And as a bonus, this post also links to other guides to help you to excel at Excel.
Control your Match Types with Search Query Reports and Pivot Tables: Now that you understand pivot tables, it’s time to get advanced and use them to help you understand performance. This post by Wijinand Meijer specifically considers two key questions:
1. Are different ad groups triggering the same search query?
2. How are the close variant queries performing in your campaign?
So there you have it – some of the best posts on the wonders of Excel. Whether you’re a newcomer to PPC or are already an expert, hopefully you’ll have learnt something new. Got any posts to add to the list?
Katie Saxon
Katie Saxon

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