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Everything You Need to Know About Upcoming Changes to Bing

Published: March 10, 2015

Author: Joe Kerschbaum

Bing may take a back seat to Google in spend volume, but there are two changes on the horizon you can’t afford to ignore. Read on for the breakdown of new Universal Events Tracking and Device Tracking Changes.

Universal Events Tracking  

If you’ve been using Campaign Analytics to track conversions and other site activity, make the switch to Universal Event Tracking. Bing Ads will continue to support most goals created through Campaign Analytics, but you won’t be able to edit them. The goals you created before July 2013 will no longer be supported after April 2015.

-Here is a super-detailed deck on UET implementation >  UET Set-up PPT

-Also, here are the help files directly from Bing >

   –UET Webpage

   –UET Implementation Guide

   –UET Best Practices and FAQ

We had some specific questions that weren’t clearly answered in the documentation, so here they are (answers from Yahoo):

-Q: Do I need to place the pixel on every single page?

-A: For regular tracking (non-remarketing), no. You would only place on the pages being tracked. For remarketing, yes. Same tag for all goals.

Note: the same goes for the DOT tag. So, create your tag in Bing Ads. Your account manager will link the two and give you the DOT code.

-Q: Which revenue script should we use?

-A: It really is custom based on the developer. It is truly unique for every advertiser.

Device Tracking Changes

Bing is removing the ability to have device-specific campaigns (boooooooo!!). Instead of selecting specific devices and operating systems for your ads to target, you will automatically begin to receive traffic from all devices. You can apply bid adjustments to increase or decrease your bid for traffic coming from different devices — providing the flexibility to optimize your campaigns to meet your business goals.
If you have multiple campaigns targeting the same keyword, you will need to combine them into a single campaign before migration begins March 23, 2015. Otherwise, Bing Ads will automatically add additional device targets to your existing campaigns, and you run the risk of having multiple campaigns targeting the same keyword, which means you will be competing against yourself for ad placement.

-Here is the email with details.

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Suite 2250

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