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Enhanced Sitelinks: What You Need to Know

Published: October 18, 2013

Author: Ryan Larkin

Sitelinks have been a staple in many online campaigns for years. They have traditionally allowed for online marketers to gain premium, high-ranking real estate on Google’s SERPs at the same cost as it would take for a regular ad. Many studies found Sitelinks to be a great way to boost CTRs and improve overall performance across the board. With the added functionality of Ad Words Editor, setting these Sitelinks up is a breeze.
Legacy vs enhanced
Then along came Enhanced Campaigns…
Enhanced Campaigns changed the way Sitelinks look and function, and while we were skeptical (and to be honest, a little worried) at first, we soon found that the new (enhanced or upgraded) Sitelinks do have their strengths.
For starters, they take up a lot more real estate on the SERPs. We can now basically add 4-6 new text ads that include a header and 2 description lines. Also, these ads have the same layout as a regular text ad (25 character limit for the header, 35 for the description lines), whereas the old Sitelinks included one 35 character description, and that’s it.

New Sitelink Example
New Sitelink Example

Old Sitelink Example
Old Sitelink Example

Another added bonus of these enhanced Sitelinks is that we can now track the performance of each individual Sitelink. For optimization purposes, this is a gold mine. With the old Sitelinks, the only way to track these was at the Campaign level. The ability to track at a more granular level is a great step in the right direction.
So what’s the downside? Not much of one to speak of, actually; the only pain is that it is incredibly hard to predict when and where these Sitelinks will show. This can be a bit of a bummer for reporting purposes.
Enhanced Sitelinks in Editor
Enhanced Sitelinks in AWE

In general, there has been a lot of back-and-forth on the opinion of Enhanced Campaigns since their inception, but the changes they bring to Sitelinks are for the better. Add in the bonus of being able to bulk upload these with the latest edition of AdWords Editor and you can bet that incorporating enhanced Sitelinks into your campaigns will be easy to negotiate and most likely will have a positive effect.

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